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  1. I sought out a website where I could get it off my chest and see if others saw his actions the way I do and I can see that it wouldn’t be acceptable by any of you who have made a response. Thank you for your time and thoughts.
  2. That is because he reckons it was a joke I do believe he sees it as inappropriate now that I have had two serious conversations about it with him. He has since apologised for his behaviour.
  3. Yes, we own a home together. Both of us would struggle to get another home by ourselves. Yes but not living at home. I was saying this to get him to see it from another perspective to think about what someone else would think and used his mum as an example. I would never go tittle telling to his mum. As above, I was never going to tell his mother, and they don’t know what is going on. For the last messages, he said his mate used his phone to send the messages. I can’t prove otherwise but the spelling mistakes were his way of writing and I don’t know how literate his mate is whether he too can’t spell either.
  4. I wasn’t meaning I would go tittle telling to his mum, I was trying to get him to see it a different way, as he thinks about his mum knowing what he was doing, what reaction did he feel when he thought about his mum knowing. Would he think his mum would be ok with it, it was me trying to get him to think from a different perspective.
  5. I did have another strong conversation with him again last night I also said what if I ring up your mum and say Fred (not his name) asked a couple of women he didn’t know to go down to the holiday home with him and his friend what do think about that and his response well go on then, ask her, so I replied do you think she would say “ that’s nice dear” and he thought about it and said probably not.
  6. We share a device and so he knows I can see his messages and has never worried about it. He has always asked me to help him with technical stuff and to fix things he messes up with like creating documents or emails etc. I do wonder if on the many occasions when he goes down to do maintenance whether he has had a woman there. Quite often other family with their own holiday home in this bay are there so I don’t know that he would do it while they were around. It is a family holiday home that is shared and maintained by him and his family. We don’t have children together we are past that age. Thank you for saying it isn’t appropriate as that is how I feel.
  7. I have been in a relationship for 9 years and my partner went to our family holiday home at the weekend with a mate to put insulation under the floor. I stayed at home as it was bloke stuff but I saw that my partner was messaging a woman asking when they were coming. He also asked for another woman’s phone number so his mate could ring this woman’s friend. There was really bad weather in the region which became a civil emergency and the roads to the holiday home had slips and were closed so the woman said they couldn’t get there. My partner suggested they hire a boat or row there, now that part is funny, in the pouring rain at night! I challenged my partner and he mostly denied anything was going on and that they were just having fun. This isn’t the first time he has suggested that a female might like to go to the holiday home he also thinks it’s appropriate to put a blow kiss emoji when messaging a single/divorcie female or asking a married woman he knew from a past job if she would like to have a drink with him on his way to the holiday home, again he thought there was nothing wrong with that because she wasn’t a stranger and she was married but her response was “sorry, no thanks” which to me clearly showed she didn’t appreciate the invite. I have had countless conversations with him telling him his actions are inappropriate, hurtful and making me have major trust issues with him. I want to know should I not be feeling this way is it me who has the problem or is it him? I have no issue with him expressing emotion of caring with family members and friends but these women he is giving this attention to are not family nor in our friends circle, he even admitted the woman he was messaging he didn’t know her, never met her but that his mate knew the women. I look forward to your feedback and the opportunity to get it off my chest as I haven’t been able to share it with anyone as I didn’t want their thoughts about him to be tarnished by his stupidity well that’s what I think 🤔
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