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  1. We communicate pretty well. And have spoke on this, the side jobs to make money, he basically says his customers don’t like to wait either. I only try to make a point, we are able to live here and not being charged, why can’t he do some of the projects wanting done here. Scratch my back and I will scratch yours. I’m only asking because I can’t see it as he does, and looking for others opinion to help me understand. And if I am unfair in my thinking. I see it as things here aren’t important as he’s not getting paid to do them. As for the mortgage, I have 2 siblings and when Mom is no longer with us, the house has to be sold and split in 3 ways. We want to remain in the house, so I would have to pay siblings off.
  2. I’ve been with my partner 8 years. We live with my Mom who is 76, and have since start of relationship. I’m 53. He’s 59. We both have good jobs. He is a carpenter. I do clerical. We do not have a mortgage. We pay all the misc bills, gas, electric, etc. and grocery shop. It balances out, helping Mom as she’s not able to get around very well. Here is my issue, my partner takes on a lot of side jobs for others, to make extra cash, for our future he says. There are things I would like taken care of in the home, I’m always put on the back burner. Will do when gets time. And it seems to drag on waiting. Am I wrong to make a fuss that he constantly puts others before our home. I look at like, we are living an easy life, no mortgage, which is saving us tons. It’s not as if he’s hurting for money and needs to work beyond his job. Why can’t he take care of things here before taking on something else. Return the favor. We are getting married, and will take over the home from my Mom. As this is her wish. However, he wants to take no mortgage out, considering our ages, and what not. In the end, he may have to go elsewhere and take out a mortgage anyhow! Lol! It’s pretty much the way of life. Am I asking to much that my projects get done before the others, in which he gets paid for.
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