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  1. I said I will ask her out anyway. I just done this post in need to listen different opinions
  2. Okey…. I am new here that’s my first post because I need help or I will turn nuts. Some of you girls, you are crazy and moody so you make us too. Anyway let’s get in my story (We are both 18yo) Oke so, there is a girl I like and I am 99% sure she know it too. She is like a princes girl, I mean, she is good person, very good student and as I have seen she is daddy’s girl ( I write that because I want you to understand her better so keep this in your mind). She is good with me, she laughs with my jokes and smiles me, some times (not much) she calling me to talk with me and few times her friends talk about me for some things I told in class (that things hasn’t to do with her). Her friend once told me if I’m single, I told her yes and my crush laughed and told: not for long and her finger brushed my body. She have done that type of flirting a few times more in past (with no touching). One day we had time together I mean I were alone and bored in school (btw no I’m not forever alone person it was just last hours) and she came in me, we talked and during our conversation she brushed my arm for maybe 20 seconds. In the chat we have changed only 3 texts and I sent her first always. For her birthday I said her happy birthday wish you the best and she answered: thank you💜 (btw on my birthday she didn’t sent me something but she knows when it is. But I must tell that she is moody with me. A very few times she was ironic on me, the most of times I go to talk her, sometimes when we are meet by chance in school she don’t even see me, and I haven’t catch her stare at me ever. By the way once time I was on her class talking with my mates and she called me to tell me leave the class. Come on… is she serious? we are way different person. She wants to become scientist, I want to become an actor. She is the good princess girl and I am a weed stoner. We have good personalities both and when she is free of pressure we are talking well. I must tell that now we are writing exams to enter in university and she has enough pressure. Btw thankfully we want both to enter in universities which are in same town I don’t know I need help, what’s your opinion does she like me? Write me down please Sorry if I have some English mistakes, it isn’t my main language P.S. Don’t tell me to ask her out and tell my feelings I’m going to do that after the exams when she will be free with no anxieties but I need to see some people’s opinions THANK YOU
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