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  1. Wow I hope everything works out for you. I totally get it I guess I can't expect people to have the same expectations as me. Thanks for your time in responding
  2. Yeah we see each other once a month and have been talking for 8 months.
  3. So me and my long distance boyfriend have been dating for 3 months. I am being admitted into hospital for an arm injury that's has resulted in me being diagnosed with auto immune disease (which hasn't set well with me). He knows I'm an emotional person I asked if he could fly out to come and be with me (I'm from Sydney and he is In Adelaide), and he says he can't because he is busy with work and it is not worth just coming for 1 day. I thought if your partner is In hospital for no matter the reason you would drop everything to be there for them. He reckons him messaging and calling me is his support for not being present. Am i over reacting? (Sorry to put this publicly.. I don't have many friends so I thought to reach out here)
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