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  1. yes you are right, I understood that, sadly after the fact. @LootieTootie thanks for the advice. I think I have been pondering that the distance and not having an end game has been stiring in my head. I think I've just been trying to ignore it, which I know is not healthy. I think I was quite ignorant to how difficult a LDR would actually be. I'm just confused with her love then hate reactions from her.
  2. Sorry for long write up! I'm at a bit of a loss at the moment. I've been with my girlfriend for just over 2 years (physically). I have since moved back to my home country, she has remained in hers. We both knew this was going to happen, I was very honest about it when we first started seeing each other. But we went along the see how it goes. After 2 years it went well, we had some brief talks about how we will be together long term. But whenever I brought the subject up, we never really had a plan. When it came to me leaving it was fairly heart-breaking for both of us, but both tried to
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