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  1. Yeah strange indeed. I never thought going too fast, might move people away from me. Like I said I am learning.
  2. Depend on the person I guess. Some people don't mind that. I interpreted the signals wrong and went too fast. I am an excited person My bad. Because she asked for date, called me attractive etc. She gave those signals. But I did failed by going to fast πŸ™‚ My bad. But these can happen I guess, we learn from our experiences. Really nice example Miss. But I tell you this, I also had a friend where her girlfriend chased him for sometime. My friend (Male) rejected him, did not response to his messages, did not want to talk with that girl. But the girl did not accept "no" as answer. She fought for like 1-2 weeks maybe more, and picked up my friend. Now they have a happy 5 year relationship and married. What do say about this? In this case the ego won. What is the difference of these situations? If the problems between people can be solved shouldn't they need to fight for it? BTW last time, I won't text her or call her the issue is closed for me. just want to get girl opinion about this ego thing. I felt like all of the girls in this forum were judging me for some moment, tried to defend myself πŸ™‚ Wiseman2 went little bit harsh on me I did go fast I accept but like I said I am a excited person.
  3. She can break your heart my friend. I would never trust a girl like her. My opinion though I am not an expert. Don't think marriage, or something with her. Be with her whenever she makes you happy. But I would never trust her, even she told you honestly. FΔ°nd another person who can understand your feelings.
  4. Thank you Mr. PunkRock17 @punkrock17 I think the same. She was one hell of a weird girl. The thing is she didn't even saw me before my cough. She just randomly called me. When she first called me I really afraid, I thought some might go inside my room at the night maybe even attack me. I blocked my door with my chair that night. The thing is she was lonely because of her break up or something. But I really don't want to care no more. Her choice and I really don't want to think about her no more. @SooSad33 @boltnrun I am not a molester, rapist or anything. I am well educated guy with a decent university. I have a mother and I know how to respect women. Believe me or not even if I sent her gift probably she wouldn't care and ignore it. Because I believe she even knows that I am not a weird guy or anything. And one last time, It wasn't even awkward when I kissed her cheek. She were smiling. She didn't say anything bad. Like I said I kissed her twice, she kissed me back one time. She is just emotionally unstable person, who wants to be together with some one but also have weird rules in is head about "respect". Why not? You only heartbroken when you know some one for years? Even a day, giving you hope, and leaving can hurt your feelings. I am not a guy who like to jump and hang out from girls to girls. I have feelings too. I will not text her or call her. It will be better for me. Probably I know her answer anyways.
  5. He is trying to have sex with you, %50 chance of dumping you after a certain time. Ask him if he wants a long relationship or leave him be.
  6. Thanks for all your time and advises. But now I closed this issue in my head. If she is going to forget me, when I try to kiss her cheek, Let her do it. It probably won't worth of my time and thinking. Even she friend-zones me or punishes me for being hasty. I really don't care anymore. I know who I am, never harm anyone intentionally and It is her life, and her loss (Even if @Wiseman2 wants me to feel ashamed ) Bye.
  7. So do you go out meet with people just to friend zone them? If it is like you say, it is finding relief by playing with others emotions. Like I said she wanted another date, told me I am attractive person before I kiss her and also She kissed me back on the cheek. Just to friend-zone me? I don't know what country language or culture you are in too, but this is evil. She was emotionally unstable women. No matter what you say, I know what I faced.She even told me that when I texted her, "I would like to talk you more, but you are a rude person and you went tooo fast." She also said, "I value Respect too much, and you kissing me was disrespectful." @Wiseman2
  8. Thank you for your consideration and your time. @Capricorn3 She called me through dorm phone system. You can call anyone with their room number. @Lambert I might make her uncomfortable, I accept, but she came in to my life, gave me flirty signals, and she also did make me uncomfortable. These are not my subjective assessments. She kissed my cheek even after my first kiss forgot to write it. I am sure that she has unstable emotional state. Probably go and find another guy in couple of days (Like I said she told me her heart is not empty, and she probably wants to forget her ex and find a relief.) The guy won't kiss her maybe in his first date but he will kiss and probably go further in couple dates later and this is her choice. One last note. I really believe I am a nice and polite person. She misunderstood me entirely. But this is her life and choices. She called me rude but she was trying to find and bond with another person(me) while she had some one in her heart. This is more rude, and evil than my actions. And again if you guys really think I should not contact her again, I won't but not every relationship is this easy. Sometimes calling and texting after sometime, might fix the problem.
  9. Yeah pretty bad situation. Which one is easier, moving on or trying to find a way to contact him?
  10. I am not a expert, but might thought he could harm you in a way. Maybe if he continues this relationship, he could make the things more complicated. This might be his way of protecting you from himself. But if I were you, and fully aware that he didn't find anyone else, I would try to contact him again and again. But not obsessed with it. Try it in one week, if it doesn't work, wait for 2 week and try again. If it doesn't work, wait for 1 month and try again. Until you are sure his behaviors and ready to move on...
  11. @Tinydance It is sad when people come in to your life, even for couple of days and take some part of you with them. Your heart gets broken. This is sad but what can we do.. right? I believe life is something like this anyway.
  12. @Kwothe28 @Wiseman2 @Tinydance Ok Really thankful for your time and support. I want to ask one last question, than I will close this thing. What if I am not a rude person. What if I am a caring, nice guy and could really help her. What if she just misunderstood me.. Again, still should I not text her?
  13. Ok @Kwothe28 Proably like I said she still loves her ex. And when I go too fast, she thought maybe she is cheating her ex (emotionally), I really don't know. But probably after couple days or week, she will find another person. And I will stop going futher.
  14. @Tinydance Ok. Miss. TinyDance πŸ™‚ I edited my last post maybe you can reconsider but thank you for everything. I will probably not go further. @Wiseman2And How can sending flowers is molesting. I am man who respect women boundries. Just probably cannot accept rejection that easily. But I understand and got my lessons.
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