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  1. I agree a loser i don’t think i owe him anything either
  2. Oh no i can take rejection lol I’m ok with him seeing others but i want no parts in that
  3. Was dating this guy since March and three days ago he basically told me he wanted to date others that’s why he’s been distant so i respected his decision and said “okay i understand “ then i blocked him now he’s texting me and asking me why i blocked him. I blocked him from social media and on his main cell phone now he’s texting me from another number asking why i keep blocking him
  4. One is actually a binder with my school work and papers in the other things i can do without
  5. I’ve only dealt with it once but he gave my things back this guy idk..
  6. I dumped him of i wanted him back i would’ve took his offer of sex up but i didn’t
  7. It’s ok just a lesson learned not to give keys to my house out again
  8. I guess because he initially said he would i thought we were on good terms
  9. Wow why did he lie and say he would drop it off. I’m confused… i don’t see what the issue is .. the breakup wasn’t bad
  10. Ok but i told him he could drop it off in my mailbox or on my door step he still hasn’t brought it
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