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  1. i said if she gone say something not that i would move on her first and i asked for help not you up in here trynna put me down and ***
  2. bruh I'm not gonna do it when she dating that man but if she break up with him I would bc he is pretty cool and ik if she gonna do that *** to him she gonna do the same thing to me
  3. probably about 2 years ago I fell for this girl and started liking her. I was way too nervous to say anything so I stayed quiet about it. Since then its been like going through hell and back trying to wait, dodge my friends saying *** and making it oblivious. Right now she is dating someone and me and him are cool and somewhat friends. The main issue started today when my friend decided to tell this girl again after countless times that I liked her and she should date me. We were in school at the time so i was walking with one of my other friends. She said no to him but I get mixed signals my
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