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  1. First of all, I want to apologize that my reaction to all of your kind and honest answers comes so late. The last days had been a bit tough emotionally, but I also spent some quality time with one of my friends which made time brighter 🙂 Thank you for your answers. You're all right and I somehow already knew all these things in my heart under all the missing and hoping. But I guess these two, the missing and hoping, are quite normal after only four weeks and such a sudden break up. As I said I am working a lot on myself, my mindset, having a therapist and a psychological counselor helps a
  2. I will try to keep this as short as I can. My (ex)boyfriend broke up with me about four weeks ago after a six months relationship. The break up came out of a sudden and hit me hard. I have to mention: He suffers depression (but is in therapy and gets medical treatment and knows & accepts that he is not healthy mentally and wants to get better) and has a dismissive avoidant-attachment style. During the relationship I could really handle his disease and tried my best to be there for him and support him without smothering him and I told him that I am okay and that I love him and that I won't
  3. Thank you all for your honest opinions. Yeah, I guess I am still in shock and grieving. By now and during the last days I could process the whole thing a bit more and can see a bit clearer and I agree that it's probably for the best to just let go and take more care of myself. I had many conversations with my family and friends who try to support me as much as they can. In the end I am the only one to change my situation and I am willing to do just that. Searching for professional help and contacting therapists gives me some perspective and hope and, well, also some distraction in a kind of pr
  4. Hey everyone, I'm really happy I found this community. Recently there's a lot happening in my life which leaves me full of confusion and heartbreak. I had the feeling that I need to tell anyone, maybe finding someone who can relate to my situation. I really could use some guidance… I'm sorry that this got so long, it just came over me and I thought I try to draw a full picture here. So… my boyfriend and I met half a year ago when we both started the same studies. It was only three weeks from when we first met to the point when I stayed with him over night and we became a coupl
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