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  1. Update: He's out of jail and he hasn't tried to contact me....Hallelujah!!
  2. I literally said it was weeks ago.
  3. It's funny you say "park down the street" because he actually did that a couple weeks ago. He was watching me on the cameras and saw that I had a new phone. He parked down the street and barged in the house trying to get my phone. Of course, I ran and took it into another bedroom and hid it because when I got a new phone one time before when we split up, he threw it in the gulley in front of the house where there is a stream of water. I never found it.
  4. Yes, the restraining order covers where I live but you see how well he abides by restraining orders. I AM worried about my kids and I'm not just using them as emotional support.
  5. I talked with an officer and he said it's ok for me to change the locks. Plus, in court, he said he took his name off the lease. Whether this is true or not, I have no idea. I can't believe a word that comes out of his mouth.
  6. Yes, I may have to do that. I know he's going to find me though. He will do whatever it takes to get me back for him going to jail. I know he thinks in his sick head that all this is my fault. Everything was always my fault.
  7. I am looking for another place but that takes a lot of money, which I don't have at the moment.
  8. Yes, if he contacts me again, I can prove that. Yes, he can't come within 1000 yards of me. I rent. I'm currently looking for another place. Yes, I contacted the landlord about everything. I'm on a month to month lease so I don't have to discuss getting out of the lease.
  9. I'm doing everything I know to do to stay safe. My son is doing ok.
  10. I did contact the police. That's why he's in jail. I changed the locks because I wanted me and my kids to be safe. It was the smart thing to do, obviously. I called the state legal aid office and they have contacted an attorney for me. I should be getting a call in a couple days.
  11. Thank you! Yes, he is an adult. He definitely needs to know what's going on. Heck, he lives there for God's sake. He HAS to know what's going on.
  12. Yes, he's in jail but he will get out. His 10 days will be up on July 4. I don't know if this will violate his probation. If so, he could be stayer longer. So if he does get out, he can get burner numbers to get in touch with me.
  13. You're exactly right about the different numbers. He has called me several times from random numbers. Burner numbers are very easy to obtain.
  14. I'll take care of everything that needs to happen with the phone. I did also get cameras. What does it matter who suggested I change the locks?? Why do you feel the need to disagree with everything I say?
  15. I did change the locks. I do plan on getting my number changed as well. Yes, he is back.
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