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  1. Thanks Batya! No you’re right, I would never let someone be snatched up by someone else if there was even a hint of romantic interest. And there were even convos we had about how we don’t agree with open relationships and sharing etc. So i know if he cared that much things would have progressed differently . Time for me to stop overthinking and fantasizing and move on properly 🙂
  2. Thanks Rose for the encouraging words 🙂
  3. This fling is already over 🙂 I’m looking back on it for future growth. And believe it or not I have no desire to rekindle it. It’s been a been of a pattern in my past relationships that people start acting colder when I come across keen. Even someone I dated for two years was incredibly warm and affectionate and keen at the start, but once I started getting my walls down (or maybe clingy) he pulled away. So i need to learn whether i’m sabotaging these relationships and get better.
  4. I appreciate your advice but i’m not sure what to make of it. Generally speaking, a connection is where we have a mutual attraction and want to take things further than casual. It has happened before, I’ve been dating for a while and i’m not sure why that comes across as an odd desire. And I dare so no one is immune to that unless they’re a robot. The one thing that caught me off guard about this fling is the confusion I had. Normally one or both parties acts in a way that makes it clear things are casual. This was a rare case where the other person acted interested yet didn’t want to be
  5. Thanks catfeeder! And I guess even if I do wanna hook up, maybe it’s best go protect myself from emotionally unavailable people by not making it a regular thing. 🙂
  6. If you’re not leaving anything out, I think for her to block you is just immature. She could have just asked you not to do it again. Besides, i don’t get why she was so bothered with gifts. How about a “thank you for the gifts, but I should tell you, i’m only interested in being friends” etc. i’m surprised some of the commenters think her behavior is normal. That said, best to leave her be now and stop worrying about FB glitches and what not.
  7. That’s true. The thing is, i’m open to casual as well but also open to exploring it further if there’s connection. But I appreciate that not everyone feels the same and for some, the lines between casual and relationship are firmer 🙂
  8. I know “he’s not that into you” is an easy conclusion to jump to, and believe me that’s what I’m inclined to believe. Only thing that makes me question this is that initially, first couple of times, he said he deleted apps and didn’t reschedule and was way more adaptable. Then I did/said a few things that might have seemed overly eager which i thought might have pushed him away. Killed the spark before it started, so to speak. I do appreciate your comments and advice, but knowing the specifics of the situation and having had the conversations we had and what not, I like to explore othe
  9. True! I’m terrible at bait and switch. Sometimes I wonder if that’s why relationships fizzle out in the beginning? I never try to make myself unavailable or elusive and what not, i’m usually quite direct. So there’s not much chase involved for the other party.
  10. I agree, I don’t know why I put it with it so much in the first place. In the past I overreacted to such things so i guess I was just trying to be adaptable and lost the balance. But ultimately that was the last straw for me anyway 🙂
  11. Thanks Rose! You’re spot on with everything you said. Only thing I should have mentioned is that he lives with family which is why we always hung out at my place. (He’s a few years younger) This makes total sense Andrina. I also agree that I need to ‘filter’ out people who have different expectations. Thank you for your comments!
  12. Thank you RJBear86! Reading your comments definitely helped me feel better about this situation. This is the kind of advice that I needed. 🙂
  13. Thanks Rose! Perhaps I made the right decision by not agreeing to his terms then. I guess the optimist in me kept thinking “Maybe I killed the spark when it was just developing” but the truth is, you’re both right in that, if there was any glimmer of serious interest, he wouldn’t have wanted to lose me. After all, wanting to be exclusive is not an insult and some people would appreciate it. And if someone asked me to be exclusive, even if I wasn’t *entirely* sure but there was interest, I would have said something like “I’m not ready for that quite yet, but I like seeing you and i’m h
  14. Thank you Rose for your kind response! I guess all the signs were in fact there but I was just in denial. Hearing these was like a slap in the face that woke me up. I sometimes wonder if something was developing and I ruined it by being ‘clingy’ too soon.. in situations like this where it’s casual but you might start wanting more, what would be the best course of action?
  15. Thank you, I appreciate your honesty. The only conversation we had about keeping things casual was at the very end, we’d never spoken about it before. We were also not using protection (which we both said we never did with anyone else) and he said he’d never gone all the way with another guy before. So i guess that’s why I thought maybe it was a bit more than casual. And you’re right about the rescheduling, I shouldn’t have let it build up to that. He has been stalking my social media every now and then since, but I guess that doesn’t mean much. I might be graspin
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