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  1. She said, she wants some times for herself tonight, its like when she needs me she calls me and when i need need her she says I'll let you go or she wants time for herself
  2. You should ask her if she serious with you, and dude dont go for a younger girl they are crazy, they play too much you can't make love you, all you can do is just look woman who is same your age, and she should be mature enough to handle relationship don't love her too hard
  3. I called her just now and she answered and said she is with her friend will call me back why women does not give priority to their man and relationship? I have lots of female friends and i knew thatespecially nowdays women does not care at all. How strange it is all those aged women knows how to keep their marriage and how to keep thier men happy, being kind and honest. But now women find another one to make them happy then man leave them bcoz getting physical is nothing to man more than a pleasure but someone well said, that fkboys are successful in dating bcoz they dont give a *** and women
  4. I dont know what to do I'm stuck in this relationship
  5. She is not being humble that's what i was looking for
  6. I really understand you all are doing your best to explain me and I'm very thankful to you all for that
  7. Thank you some Rose you said very well i appreciate your words and concern for me i wish i could meet you in person to have better consultation
  8. In My last relationship my ex said, she loves me and wants me to find someone who can make me happy, she said she can't be in this relationship with me bcoz herdaughter try to committ suicide, she didn't even tell me that i heard it from someone else and still i have no complaint against my ex girl her name was Serena
  9. I really understand you but its been 5 months its not about a week
  10. I'm not bitter to anyone i want to let you know that in past relationship women left me but i did not give up nor broke up
  11. I know her insta, fb she speaks truth
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