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  1. Hi, just an update now I have had some time to cry and build from this. Thankyou for all your guidance. I have ended the relationship the morning I posted this post. I took his phone and deleted everything. I know there is still the worry of pictures getting seen elsewhere but I just don't have it in me to report him as he is a cop and would lose his job and livelihood. I've made him aware if these pictures get seen elsewhere then I will have no choice but to report him however as I would need to protect myself for my career and my children's sake. Yes he deserves to be reported now but I just want to get on with my life and forget him. I love him but I love myself and my children more. I will not allow myself to ever fall into a trap like this again and I will always prove to be nothing but a good role model to my children which is exactly why I have had to put my self love and love for them over him. I am a strong person who has battled a bad past before and got out so this is an easy move. I will heal and I will make sure nothing like this ever happens again. Thankyou again
  2. As much as he has violated me I would hate to ruin his career by going to the police. I do feel extremely violated. I am so confused why anyone would get a kick out of sharing pictures of the person they are supposed to love with random strange men on the Internet. I am so worried these pictures are going to get shared elsewhere I am a 33 year old with a professional career and children
  3. Hi I am absolutely distraught. I noticed and app called KIK on my boyfriends phone yesterday and on looking further into it he was on a group called 'share wife pictures'. On clicking on the chats there were numerous chats with other men where he has sent pictures of me both clothed and naked aswell as some naughty videos filmed of us. These pictures for one are confidential and I expected them to be between just me and him. I am also very confused as to why he would do this. He was talking about the other mens wives in a sexual way and seeking praise for my pictures. He says he loves me and thinks I'm amazing and he is proud to show me off. I did not consent to this and I think its very disturbing that he has got some sick sexual kick out of this. In my past relationship when much younger I had a threesome, I did not long for this but at the time my head was not in a great place and I consented to it. It was not a healthy relationship and I never even longed for another relationship with flaws like that. I told my partner about this experience but made him aware how little I wanted this at the time. I have also experienced bicurious encounters and this is something my now partner seems to be excited about even tho I am definitely not bisexual, it was just experimentation at the time. Now I have found myself in this position and I am so confused by it. The relationship is only 1 year in, it is healthy, loving and normal and everything I hoped for in a relationship... until now that is. He claims it is just a fantasy but that he feels why would I not let him experience a threesome when it is something I have done before. I feel this is an unfair comment to make. He says he feels inexperienced and this fantasy turns him on aswell as him been proud to show me off. I know I have a past but I have been open with him about my feelings about what I have encountered and that it is never something I wish to do again. Yet I feel like he is making me feel bad that I won't do it with him. And I'm soooo confused of why he would want to share pictures of me with other men?!?! I just do not know what to do. He has completely messed everything I hoped was normal up
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