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  1. I guess. But that is not why I made the post though. I want to know if I was right saying that she cheated
  2. i agree. i did not really have a say in the matter since it is what she wanted to do. but that isnt why i made this post. i made the post about the cheating quotient. was i right to accuse her of that? talking about sexual positions, kinks, bra size to a guy who is sexualizing her on a dating app?
  3. oh, no. she isnt catfishing. the pictures and the account name is all hers, it is mentioned that the account owner isnt looking for anything, its purely out of boredom.
  4. we've been dating for an year. yes, we have met in person. she is 18, i am 20. we are monogamous. we dont catfish, lol. the pictures on the dating app are hers. it is mentioned that the account is purely out of boredom and the owner of the account is not looking for anything.
  5. Last night, my girlfriend was on a dating app (on an account we both run. we don't do anything there, it was made just for fun because my girlfriend wanted to see "where she stands") and was talking to a guy. Now, for context, my gf and i had been fighting the entire day yesterday over a lot of topics, and it had gotten overwhelming for her and she was not responding to my texts, but was there on that app telling the guy about our fight, which was okay. Now, I don't mind her talking to people, i have no right to, im not like that. Now, the main fight between us started because my girl wanted to send a very sexual picture to her friend for an "ego boost", her friend regularly sexualizes her and her body. As for the picture: she was totally clothed, no face just her body. It had an ample lot of cleavage, and nothing else. just her body in a black top and pjs with 60% of her boobs visible. She asked me if she could send it for an ego boost and I had said that she can send but only if she covers the cleavage, which she barely did and said "if i do more the picture won't be aesthetic.", so i asked to make it smaller, the picture, so it isnt really that visible, but she refused and started fighting with me about it, saying how im "not kinky" and a "basic bf" and stop her from doing what she wants. While I had said no just because I wanted to be the only one to see her body and her pictures in its full glory, and because I didnt understand why she wanted someone else's validation anyway. So, back to the dating app guy. Now, she uses the app on her laptop while i had it on my phone, she had forgotten i could see the texts. It was a dating app, right? So the guy started getting sexual with her, sexualizing her and her body while my gf didnt respond to his tries but they eventually started talking about favourite sex positions, and then kinks. and then my gf started telling the guy about the fight and started telling him about the photo for contextual purposes. she said, verbatim, "now, my cleavage isn't like any other cleavage. my cup size is _, so it has more volume." She told the guy her cup size. So, I am accusing her of cheating because she allowed a person to sexualize her, participated in sexual conversations with him and told him her cup size. She does not think it was cheating. She things it was wrong, but not cheating. While I think it was wrong because it was cheating. (things wouldn't have been the same if i had told a girl about my *** size tho)
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