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  1. First at all, i'm really sorry to know about this and i hope u will find other person. You have a right things to tell him how u feel, at least an explaination why he did this to u. Leaving u without an explaination and make u worried while him happy with other person. If i was in your situation i will let him know how i feel, it wasted my time but how could he do this, if he really don't like u don't give a hope or like he care about u in the first place.if i was u i will ask him, hey listen i don't want make things complicated, can u give me a reason why are u doing me like this, why u givin
  2. This feeling kinda hard because i like my own friends. I just too like him and too attach to him.How can i keep act cool like nothing happen when my feelings is really want something happen between us.I just don't want to ruin our friendship.
  3. @SooSad33Thank u for ur advice, i really afraid to ask about this but be with him make me too comfortable. I just afraid that i make a things to akward and push him far away from him. This feeling it's kinda complicated, but i hope when i'm far from him n deleted his number i can move on.I hope i will success in this
  4. @Wiseman2 maybe because he just being nice too me n look me only as a friend like he did to everyone.Thank u. Wish me all the best to move on from him
  5. @Rose Mosseyup indeed u are right. pray for me because i don't want this feeling make me feel burden.Pray 4 me that i can move on from him and not depends on him because i really want to see him as a friend not more than that.i just want to love him as a friends.I hope this feeling will fade away little by little n dissapear
  6. @Andrina You are right.To be honest, i really afraid about myself, and i don't denied what were u saying because it's true. i just hope i can control myself more. He just being good to everyone.Thank u dear for ur advice
  7. Actually i fall in love with my friends. We always chat and talk many things and l always asking what he doing almost everyday.But sometime he busy with his club activities but he always reply even though it's late n said sorry. He is a good friend n treat around him nicely including me.For me he like an angel, when people asking a help, he willling to help them even though he busy he always try to help other people.One day i told him i have a crush on someone and it was him.He kinda shock and just say Wow.I don't know but nothing is weird happen. We talk like usual.But i can see the changes.
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