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  1. See my above response, she gets too much attention from me I expect. I dont wanna play games but if if went hard to get or went out more she would probably want me more.. she is so secure with me she knows how devoted I am. The needs she got from her fling is exactly how I'd like to be with her. I'm up for pictures and sexy conversations. its just not exciting is it, when you've been with someone for 9 years. It came out of nowhere too in all this time I have never even seen her message another man I trusted her 110%%. That will never be the same for sure but I dont even mention it anymor
  2. This is a fantastic point and 5 or 6 years ago I would agree that I didn't help her enough. But I realised then that that was an issue and I have turned it around. I do alot of work around the house and without sounding like an ***, i would consider her lucky. I dont drink, i dont go out at the weekends, I'm not a typical lad. I dedicate my life to my family. My job means I spend a good amount of time at home and if I am home I'l make sure the washing is done, washing up, kids bathed etc. I never expect her to do anything. but she still feels sorry for herself. And she still resents me, m
  3. Hi, this is my first post here. So I Will condense this as much as I can but its a decade of a story.. Me and my partner of 10 years have different sex drives, and I guess different ideas on what a healthy sex life looks like. I am quite a sexually motivated individual, I love it,, everything about all of it but it is causing alot of problems with my relationship because I am not being fulfilled. This has been going on for 7 years. When we first met we was at it all the time. Anywhere and everywhere we could, every time we met. Then things got serious, we fell in love and h
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