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  1. Yes I do have issues at home 😏
  2. He hasn’t because I have not gotten back with him just yet, my mom does not trust him whatsoever, He says his different now and wants to talk to my mom. He says he appreciates life much more Than before. I did not see myself with him anymore, si started to open up and spend time with him as my love started growing again for him and that’s why I’m struggling now. do you think giving him a second chance is a mistake?
  3. He would manipulate me and try to control me, he was also jealous.
  4. I honestly was not even planning on seeing him ever again but I remained friends, were been in contact yes I have been spending some time with him which makes me feel good, my mother wants me to date other men. I do want to be with him and I’ve him one chance knowing that my mom would be devastated. I want to Believe he has changed his old habits. Should I give him a chance to Show actions?
  5. I have a little issue I’ve been thinking about getting back with my ex and we have been talking for a couple weeks now, we had ended our toxic relationship about 2 years ago. My family found out about what went on and was glad I had moved on. I recently Spoke to my mother about getting back with him but she can not get the idea of me giving him a last chance. He wants to demonstrate to my family that he has changed and wants to fully commit and takes things to the next level but my mother will not support me, btw what do you suggest.
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