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  1. 5 months before the Christmas lockdown and 1 month during
  2. He just pressured me a little bit sometimes and he took me for granted. But he said that being away in lockdown made him realise that and that he is sorry
  3. This is a fair point, i know long term it wouldn't be sustainable. Yeah you are right and it would mean more to me if it came from him anyway. Thank you 🙂
  4. I know its not. I do think he has changed I just dont want him to go back on his promise on this and I just wanted ways to encourage him to spend money on me because he said he wanted and that he wanted to be romantic but doesn't know how too. But i dont want to come across as entitled to him even though I am. I know i am entitled and i shouldnt expect him to spend money on me even though i spent money on him but that's how i feel honestly. Maybe i should let that me my love language but it is he buys things for himself all the time and tells me how much it cost and i just want him to treat me
  5. He didn't treat me very nice, but it was THAT bad. Not inexcusably and unforgivably bad
  6. Because it means he has changed, or at least that he has changed one part of himself. He already showed me he has changed other ways too. For instance, I was annoyed that he wouldn't reply for ages and now he messages all the time
  7. I dont want it to be blown out of proportion and this is getting away from the topic that I was trying to get to answers to. Im not a victim of anything, but I recognise that I am young and inexperienced and more susceptible to manipulation so this forum has given me a lot to think about
  8. No its nothing bad. He never hit me or anything, I certainly wouldn't get back with him if that was the case!
  9. No but I would have no way to be sure. I just trust that he doesn't. I do trust him with not being a cheater. He said he only cheated once in a previous relationship and that he would never do it again because he hates one night stands. I have no way of knowing if he messages other girls but I have a good feeling that he doesn't.
  10. Yeah you know what, maybe I'm being a bit naive. He is 10 years older than me and he knows this is my first relationship. I reckon Ill have to be observant of what he says and then does on this trip. I can't just believe him from what he says, no matter how mature I think he took the criticism of why are relationship needs to be better.
  11. Well he wasn't the nicest to me before we broke up. He apologised and didn't make any excuses for his behaviour. He also recognised how I was selfless and putting his needs before my own and that he wasn't putting in the same effort. I forgive him for it but I want to make sure this won't be repeated and that he doesn't think i will tolerate him treating me like that again. He also broke up with me in a horrible way and I was really upset about it. So I told him he can't treat me like again that and we agreed that the trip is his way of showing me that he missed me and that he is going to do b
  12. Yeah I get what you are saying. It is my first relationship, I know I shouldn't feel like this but I do. You are right that he should spend things on me because he wants to, not because I'm making him. Ill try and not guilt trip him and be grateful for anything he does buy me.
  13. Yeah, you know there probably is a bit of bitterness that I have to work through. I did tell him how I felt and that is why he said he would treat me. Its just that I've told him how I felt- That is missed him and that I love him. He said those things back, but I don't want him to think that he is off the hook. Thats all 🙂
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