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  1. I can tell you from something similar I saw happen in my parents that you staying will ultimately be worse. You both can love your child but sometimes the love between the two of you fades and that’s ok too. Seeing my mom miserable as I got older hurt me to see. Go with your gut pursue this new life and put yourself first! he had his opportunity. Some times we have to do the thing that’s best for ourselves put yourself first you deserve it after everything .
  2. Yah but he was the one reaching out first when I stopped talking for a little after the breakup. I could see that yah but why is he the initiating things still? The point was that I was confused because he acted like he wanted nothing to do with me but retract it quickly when I pulled away every time.
  3. I really appreciate you for saying this. Brought me comfort knowing I am making the right choice in the end.
  4. You are right. It definitely is fear that keeps me I feel a lot of guilt like I’m giving up.
  5. I can definitely understand and see that but I didn’t ask anything of him after that point nor pushed any ideas his way and backed off completely when he said that he no longer had feelings but stayed because he begged me to but every time I did he pulled away and treated me poorly again. That’s the part that confused and hurt me.
  6. I wanted to be his friend after everything but it seemed he only said anything and cared when I was choosing to leave he didn’t even have that much care when we broke up.
  7. I had been dating this guy for awhile and he broke things off saying he no longer had any feelings and just wanted to be friends. So I tried to be his friend and recently broke things off when he wouldn’t talk to me anymore and when he did it was short/annoyed responses and when I told him how that made me feel and that I needed to step away from this situation he apologized and said he did not distance himself from me and that he was sorry, cares a lot for me and was important to him. I feel very lost on it all. I cared very much for him but I’m not sure where I stand I feel manipulated in a
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