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  1. I think that given my friendship with him, I’d feel the need to be there for him as he works through this like in the past. But I also think I’d be doing myself a disservice. The thought of having to listen to my boyfriend talk about his feelings for someone else sounds a bit cruel. Though that might make it easier to walk away from this relationship if it came to that
  2. I just wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt because it’s not uncommon to be nostalgic and curious about past relationships
  3. I don’t think what he did/is doing is out of malice. I know he did care about the girl before me and was genuinely upset when that didn’t work out. I think it’s more that M was part of some very monumental years of his life socially, academically, and career-wise. So I can see him reminiscing the good years and being nostalgic for a woman he shared that time with
  4. I didn’t think of it this way. You’re right. Believing that we have built a strong enough foundation and have enough history to one day be friends again even if the romance doesn’t work out would make having this conversation easier.
  5. I’m scared because if the answer isn’t what I want to hear, I don’t think I can recover from it and would lose not just the 1 year relationship but the 10 years of friendship as well
  6. He is sweet, kind, and caring. He has never compared me to her to my face, but I know he did compare the girl before me to M. After they split, he even met up with M to tell her about how that girl reminded him of her and that he missed their time together. I knew he wasn’t over her when he kept analyzing her photos, but after he unfollowed her, he also stopped talking about her so I thought he had taken the steps necessary to move on
  7. He did go on casual dates but didn’t have another girlfriend until 2 years after the split. That lasted about a year or so. Then it took another year before we started dating.
  8. From what I know, it was because he felt like he wasn’t a priority in her life. She would cancel plans with him to hang out with her friends, reply to other people’s texts before him, etc. They were friends first and she apparently made more of an effort when they were just friends than when they actually started dating.
  9. My boyfriend and I have been good friends for almost 10 years but only been dating for about 1 year. The thing about being friends for so long is that I’ve met all of his exes, and I don’t really care about most of them except for M. My boyfriend and M met in college and were inseparable for 2 years. When it all ended he was miserable and still talked about missing her years after. He dated other girls after her but she was the only one he kept up with on social media. Even 6 months before we started dating, he was still analyzing her Instagram stories, wondering if she posted pictu
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