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  1. We have been together for over a year and I usually take care of most things because my partner sleeps all day, plays games when he's awake, and does online school when he has to, other than that I'm usually on my own and when we spend time together it's just watching TV that he likes. I even wake him up when he has a class because he has a hard time waking up on his own.
  2. We have had our issues in the past and I've been working on myself and going to therapy to improve. My boyfriend is still hung up on the past which is okay to take time to heal but because of it he sometimes gets a "negative vibe" from me. Even when I'm not trying to show anger he still thinks im angry. It's at the point where he is so cautious inthe mornings that he's cold towards me and really doesn't care. It makes me upset when he does this because it just creates negativity when there is usually none to begin with. It makes me feel hated that my own existence is just a problem. I've asked
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