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  1. He is stubborn and has refused therapy in the past. I am willing to get help together but he does not. He doesn't want anyone knowing about his depressing and personal business. He won't even acknowledge he has a problem. However, he has good qualities like helping me with the rent and the cable bill using his unemployment income. I am just fed up and ready to leave but still very much in love with person he used to be. Thanks everyone for your insights. I will figure it out eventually.
  2. We have been together for 5yrs but lately, he is a stranger to me. In the beginning, we would go out and enjoy each other's company. Now he just wants to sit on the couch and play video games. He was laid off from his job so he is home and won't even clean/most days. I have to ask him to do the dishes. He stays up all night doing God knows what. And more recently, he is watching weird highschool teen movies or Korean flower boys movies. The only time he gets excited is when he is watching his shows or playing video game. This behavior was not there in the beginning. I now nnoy him. He stubbor
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