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  1. My mom does not want me go to a therapist, because she thinks it's dumb 😑and you know, to be honest, the stereotype about Asian parents being kind of strict applies in my case, like of course I tell her about all the boys I date, and everything, but she tells me "Oh, it's never going to last anyway" so mehhh like my mom just tells me to break up with every boy, if I have an argument with them or something, so like, yeah I just rely on my friends to give me advice, but they're my age too, so yeah, I came here, because I know there are knowledgeable and experienced people here
  2. I was desperately trying to make thing work out between us, but I've finally realized, how much of a time waste it had really been, and honestly, it's weird because I decided to let my guard down, just for this one guy, and he can't even face me properly. I feel really pathetic because I always tried to communicate well with him, now come to think about it, this guy would get really furious if I even used funny filters on his pictures, like what? I was putting on funny filters on our pictures, and he was really furious at that, it's so 😑
  3. you're right! Unhealthy to the point its insane! I blocked him on all social media, he can play his games with his 6ft tall ego.
  4. You're right, why do people have to be avoidant about topics? Aren't we always taught to communicate properly? I really don't understand, and when I saw this guy, it really got on my nerves so bad. I always tried to communicate at all times, if I had a problem with anything he did I told him. It was so hard dealing with it, and more so, because he would just act like a coward. I mean, honestly there were other people who I got confessed to at that time, and they are my precious friends, I feel bad turning them down, for some guy who doesn't even know how to face me. I mean, what would I have d
  5. Im 16 xDDD, but yes, you're right, I should know what's the best for me, and I should step away from toxic things, when they hurt me. I realize how stupid I have been now.
  6. I really do understand what you are talking about, I think we can't even be friends nor have a relationship, it's just way too messed up. It's just really weird, and my feelings are stubborn, so I guess I really need to stop communicating with him, in order to stop them. I told him to reject me, because I really, so badly wanted to put an end to this. He's such an avoidant person, who won't ever clarify things, and I hate it when situations are so uncertain, but you are right, it's better to just let it be. Thank you so much, your advice really hit me. I'm so grateful.
  7. Yeah you're right. I should really leave this behind. Thank you so much for reading this, you are OP
  8. oh ╥ _ ╥ is a crying emoticon lol We actually did hang out and grab meals sometimes, say uhh once a week, or sometimes twice? He is 18. I actually already take medicines for this problem ╥ _ ╥ You are right, it is affecting me so much mentally, to the point its getting unhealthy Thank you so much for helping me out!
  9. I used to date this guy, who I still have crazy feelings for. I'll give a detailed background on what our relationship was like. So I had a crush on him initially, and I confessed to him, and he accepted it, and initially, it was so sweet, we really got along, had similar life ambitions, and just in general, the relationship was really smooth, we contacted each other a lot, it was amazing, I was really happy. Then slowly, he started taking longer while responding to my texts, sometimes 2 days sometimes 3, I was tired of being the only one putting in all the effort and I had a lot on my pl
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