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  1. Basically just feel like all the things I hoped would happen didn’t. I’m trying to see the good in that and freedom. I’m not tied down to the idea of the life I thought I was going to live. It’s taken me a really long time to try to accept that. It was like wishing the past was different and trying to figure out what to do now at the same time. I hope that now that some of that conflict is gone. I don’t have to keep trying to fix what was broken. I can make the most of my time now. My body is kinda messed up from all that stress. So might have to work on taking better care so it doesn
  2. It’s kinda sad all you can do is ignore people who purposely try to push your buttons. I realize you can’t expect everyone to be helpful. 2 of the 3 responses were actually trying to help me. I guess can’t change how much attention people get for being negative.
  3. I guess me making myself laugh doesnt really explain my situation well. Also you would have to be in a dark place to get my humor. I get help but at this point there’s only so much someone else can make me feel better. Also I know I feel like a victim but if I don’t vent then I’ll just snap. Ok to answer your responses I go to therapy every week as well as take medications. The psychiatrists have told me medications aren’t going to work after trying so many. I ended up doing TMS treatment which is basically similar to ECT but not as harmful. I am an empath and HSP so I basically alway
  4. Don’t know if there is a profanity filter lol. I had my first mental breakdown in March many years ago after a bad breakup. I ended up getting the jackpot of depression, anxiety, and OCD afterwards. So this month brings up a lot of painful memories. I also have feelings I never dealt with coming up. So adding to all that excitement I had an unexpected bill that basically took my low income and has me barely getting by. Now I find out my grandma has COVID which she is still young at 70 but not getting younger. I feel so numb I been making jokes to stop myself from crying. I feel like
  5. I have things like music, shows, walking, looking up cool articles, sometimes texting friends or family, basically trying to keep busy without spending too much money. I guess lately I haven’t really enjoyed the things I usually enjoy. I once read that sensitive people should avoid toxic people. I just guess that’s easier when your able to support yourself. So not at that point. I think I’m most sensitive to anger which at least where I’ve lived is just the norm. It’s kinda hard for me to go into details cause today I’m feeling a little better. I don’t want to trigger myself cause I
  6. I’m living off of disability because of my depression . I am usually always around people who live always being toxic. I grew up in a family with a history of depression and anxiety. I am still the only one who took therapy and medication seriously. I also have my dads family who are all happy and healthy so they are distant to me how I’m not. I have been told that I’m treatment resistant to medications. In reality it just means medications don’t have the highest success rate but I guess it’s better if it’s on me. I ended up doing TMS and had some results but still struggling. I am still on lo
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