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  1. She already signed contract with deposit yes, I helped her move some stuff yesterday and some today, she’ll start sleeping there in the coming days. We already divided all the things and I let her keep some of mine which she needs cause I know it’ll be hard for her financially. I honestly would say Im stressing 15-20% and thats only due to I am upset for how stupid and immature I was because I know if we worked this out this wouldve been an amazing relationship. I miss her man, Ive already completely accepted I might never again be with her though. Yes Im hopeful this is not the
  2. Also a few days after we broke up she brought up something: “Wow when we were together you werent this out going and social” and I just replied calmly that I dont wanna look back at stuff Ive did but focus on the present and improve myself and have a good time And yesterday she told me “Hm.. you havent played video games or sat on your PC since we brokeup” to which I said more or less the same thing, I dont wanna look back and I dont feel like playing games I just wanna improve myself and live life.. I totally understand she’s probably not feeling regret or having second thoughts but
  3. Great advice both from you and Rose. Thats what I used to do when we were first dating actually, leave my phone and when she asked why I told her when Im with you I dont need a phone or computer. She really fell in love with that sentence cause she still brings it up. I really like what you said about she’ll just accept im there as a friend, and thats a nono. But at the same time she’s still got her guard up hard, because 2 days after the breakup I took her to the cinema and she said “like friends right?” about 2 times. And in the taxi I tried wrapping my hand around her shoulder and she
  4. But on the other hand, months of NC while I grow without seeing her might trigger her to miss me and then once we meet up again after time be surprised that this time wasnt like the rest and I really changed and fixed the issues at hand, and maybe start over. The issue with that is Im really scared if I go full NC she’ll completely move on since taking her for granted and showing enough attention was the actual reason we broke up... if I just keep up the same now she might get fully cold and dont give a *** whilst know I know for a fact she still cares for me but she’s just very hurt and
  5. With that I meant, help her move out her stuff and similar, show I care.. We are having very light and fun conversations each night and I know she appreciates that I show her more attention, am going to the gym, working on my business more and everything else. She said she wants me to go visit her new place after she fully moves there. I think her moving out is good regardless if we’re split up or getting together. We both need some space away from eachother. But since I see she’s laughing and having a positive time with me when we speak, Im thinking its a good idea to visit her new
  6. ... I feel like its exactly like that for a lot of the stuff that you mentioned but also a bit different, our MAIN problem was technology as I was addicted to always being on some device. The times I wasnt, we were having a *** ton of fun doing random stuff and going out which I also like. I think me being so young and having almost 0 experience dating was a big problem, I need to grow up. Did you ever try to reconcile and how did that work out? As I said I’d honestly give it another shot after the dust settles in a year or two but who knows what will have happened until that time. Me/she
  7. Ah she actually talked to and saw this guy only after we broke up, she’s a very loyal person and wouldnt have done that. I know I hurt her, took her for granted and neglected her, but from just talking to her right now and seeing how things are I like to believe there might still be a chance after months or a year/2 of time apart 🙂
  8. I understand moving out is a major step away, but in conditions like this where both people need time to grow, hypothetically this is also probably the most logical step if there should ever be a chance to reconcile, no?
  9. Ultimately, Id love to have another go with this girl. If it will be in a few months or years, or ever, I dont know. What I know is that life goes on and for the time being I need to focus on myself and my issues, improving in every aspect as Im still so young. And if she also grows as a person and becomes a better person, who knows what will happen one day 🙂
  10. So she found a new place and signed contract, moving out next week. We sat down for one last talk, I maturely and calmly explained all my feelings for her and how important she is to me, that I respect her decision because its 80% my fault. I say 80% because she never had ANY friends and relied on me for entertaining her literally 24/7. Sometimes that felt terrible, I felt guilty if I wanted to go out and meet friends because Id have to leave her alone and she has 0 friends nor hobbies. After doing NC almost exclusively lately (I dont ask or tell her anything but if she
  11. Im planning on selling my PC as I have a laptop and I can do work on it but not play games. My job is an online business that I have automated to run through my phone and my friends are all uni students so now with online lectures they have a lot of time off as well.
  12. I do agree with some points you made but on others you are spewing bull***. Yes she has approached me about the issue and Im at fault for not doing anything beforehand - I knew she could leave but for some reason I didnt change at the time, I was being selfish. I am very strong mentally and not crying like a baby in no way means that I did not love (and still do) this person to HELL. I didnt tell the whole story here, right after we broke up we sat down and talked on the other day and I explained all my feelings even did a very romantic and nice gesture she loved but couldnt accept d
  13. I havent started my PC even once since a few days before we brokeup, Im having way more fun working on myself and seeing friends. Yes, 100% of my work is off my phone and takes very little time daily to run my business.
  14. She is seeing mostly some girl friends and cousin she hasnt in a long time. Will go out with that guy once every few days I think. No sex, for months as well, not new. She already went to look for new places to move out, her parents live abroad. I tried the first few days but she said the spark was over, everything was a bit tense and emotional. Im still not sure if I should chase and show change or NC at least 6 months then if Im still interested go in with a bang of my new and improved self and win her all over again. She isnt usually the person to hold majo
  15. Another thing is we have already talked about these issues 2-3 times during our time together, prior to breaking up..... so she has told me in the past about these things and how hurt she is and I said I would fix them but never really thought, wanted, believed I will, until NOW. It just went back to how it was after a week. But this time its for good and Im growing as a person in every aspect. Im still debating if the best road to go down is to initiate full NC after she moves out, work on gaining a lot of weight and getting fit, have amazing times with friends in the summer and just live my
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