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  1. Thank you... everyday that passes I am getting that much stronger but I know I’m going to have bad days where I just want him back but I cannot and will not! I’m so angry with myself for ever letting him getting me this weak 🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. It was a text message from a random number which I have also blocked now He hasn’t said he will change as he knows he won’t... just the sorry BS from him
  3. It’s so hard isn’t it!! Have you also left your partner because of this? I just said the exact same thing to a friend, I am taking it day by day. He has contacted me through another number and told me how sorry he was how much he loves me blah blah blah!! I’m feeling strong at the moment but that could all change tomorrow 😞 I was a total wreck yesterday xx
  4. I have found lots of sites and they are looking like a great help. Also found a great platform on YouTube I have been watching
  5. By turning up at my home or using another phone to call me
  6. I have blocked him... It’s hard for me as I don’t usually ask anyone for help. I know they would help but also have to think of lockdown and can I stay anywhere I will have a think and see who I can ask as it would be so much better to be with someone this weekend
  7. Yes true I will get a quote for this and just hope it’s not too expensive. If I’m honest it’s easier not to hear from him but in a way it’s hard to know he’s not fighting for me after 7 years but I don’t actually want him too 🤷🏻‍♀️ God I sound messed up ☹️ He’s a emotional abuser so I’m guessing this is the way he wants me to feel and it’s ***!!! I do keep thinking of the good times but they are far between the bad so I stay away from the good and think of the bad as they take over anyway.
  8. Noooo it’s making it so much easier not hearing from him I feel stronger the longer he doesn’t contact me
  9. I’m in the UK but I’m sure I can still join thank you so much I will have a look x
  10. Thank you. I have tried to look online but have been unsuccessful in finding support groups for this but will keep trying.
  11. I rent my property so will need to ask the landlord about changing the locks. i haven’t really got anyone to ask to stay with me as a lot of my friends have children. I will have to try and keep myself busy this weekend as I think this is the time he will call or turn up I think he’s thinking if he gives me time out I will go back to him
  12. Thank you much for all the support I am actually overwhelmed I didn’t know how much this would help. I’m trying to keep as busy as possible but still have that horrible sick longing feeling!!! I’m just taking it day by day he hasn’t tried to contact me yet but I know he will and I have to stay strong!! I have had a look into counselling today about the physical and mental abuse I have been through the last 7 years so I hope this also helps x
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