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  1. I haven't abused you , I just answered you for your racist, and sexist comments,assuming that you are from some poor place yourself since you have zero manners and politeness, is also nationalist , so don't play victim now and be a man at least once in your life )If my work bothers you so much ,I can open your eyes: I spent in Eu more than you prolly in half of your life ,and it was MY OWN MONEY ,I also worked in Consulting Firm my whole study part time, I paid for my education and paid taxes. Its not my fault that you have problems with your life and spread your hate on forums. Treat your com
  2. when I described my situation I mentioned that it was biggest love of my life and he told me the same, we discussed all the topics including Visa. he never even thought of that, because I was a student and was pretty independent I also could work and was fully integrated in society. He doesn't have any of such prejudice and told me that he wants to marry me or no-one else. that's why I was shocked when he got depressed and I suggested to wait for him because I love him. My question was , is it worth to wait or I need to move on bc he isn't adult enough. Such topics as Visa is super outdated si
  3. who are you to tell me where to stay? and do you understand the difference when man propose and then take it back? it is the main topic of my post ,that I spent 3,5 years with a person for whom I did more than he for me and that he couldn't follow his promises ) You do not even understand the difference between " loosing time for relationship " and "loosing time for care" , how dare you to portrait me as some monster who would care for his bf in difficult time for some third reasons? there is international marriages but noone pressure men to marry, many Russian women can give western men what
  4. wow i see you have so much time to explain your problems) First of all , who said about citizenship and that I want it ? It would only give me access to Work market to be able to work for HIM and I didn't ask for proposal ,so I can't be happy and in love and want family just because some complexed people as you ,God only knows from where ,might judge me?I won't even spend the time to to read your whole poem . Just because you are from EU doesn't mean you are automatically have better life standard lol, EU is as different as Russia . I live in Moscow better than half of EU countries on social a
  5. I wanted to be a good woman, wanted to be near so he could walk on wheelchair while his parents are at home..I know that mostly are working I also worked part time but he always said that his studies are more difficult than everyones else and I just need to wait and then he will be super successful etc.. I thought that if I will support him when he has nothing -he will appreciate it ,but I just lost time .
  6. he lost one semester bc of kidney so did I ,because I cared for him and couldn't study in this time...
  7. he started it at 21, before we even met and basically we were just students in love both depended on parents, but then I grew up and he didn't ....
  8. He finished bachelor in 26 and started Master degree ,that he will finish in 29 ( it is business IT) In Europe it is difficult I have to admit ..No ,he has never worked and explained it with difficulty of studies...
  9. lol I wrote it exactly for such offended people as you) We aren't in 80s this Russian bride story is complete "horse***" as you name) I went to study and finished University on a 3rd language ( and believe me I wouldn't be able to do it if I would look for husband). I met him in library and fell in love ,he is simple student and doesn't work, and im by far not from some village ( as you are prolly since you have such offence or complexes).Im from a good family and covered my whole study by myself willing to help him financially while he would continue to study) When you finally stop live in pi
  10. No his parents loved me a lot and I loved is mom more than anyone, they even hinted him to marry me to not loose cause we were so long together.... His mom was very happy when he announced it and even cried( He just choosed the comfort zone, off its easier to stay by parents till 30 than start to work even part time to be with me ...
  11. Thanks a lot for your kind words I will try to learn this lesson and never sacrifice myself for a guy who isn't ready to be man...
  12. Of course I went home because without him I don't need Austria or anything else, i was ready to leave home and comfortable life to work basically and provide him while he was studying.... he is supported by his parents . im broken because 3,5 years was a lie and I gave him my whole heart to hear after "sorry but u can give your wedding dress back"
  13. Hi, everyone ! sorry, my English isn't perfect but I hope you understand me! I studied in Austria for 3.5 years ,but I am from Moscow and wanted to move back later, because I never had a plan to live somewhere instead of my home town ( so you understand that this is about love and not about visas or anything else ). But I fell in love with Austrian so deep and we were together for 3.5 years, my whole study time . I never had such feelings he was my whole world .He is also a student but much more adult (mentally) than any other student in their 27( I thought so) . I have never exp
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