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  1. She has agreed. We had a discussion yesterday. See for me, the hardest thing was trying to find out what i did wrong originally that caused this affair. Her saying it was closure or whatever didn't help at all, so i asked her to tell me what i did, where i went wrong, why i wasn't enough back then. And it was her reply to this that made me decide to continue our relationship. She said "you did nothing wrong, what happened wasn't your fault it was mine, i screwed up, i made the mistake. I cut all contact with him years ago, we barely spoke, i messed up, i know i did wrong and I'm so
  2. I'm on medication now. And have been over the last 9 months which has been a great help. Im intend to do bo single therapy for myself and couples therapy for our marriage
  3. I was able to get on the right medication when the alcohol stopped. Three things happened at the time to now which is. 1. She only let me stay in the house one day, or at least that was the intention, but due to it being my birthday a few days later, she let me stay until then. The whole time i remained sober. Then she gave me one more week, and at the end of the week she told me I could stay but if i ever touched alcahol again then it was over, i fully agreed. About one week later the worst happened, i lost my closest friend, the man who was not only the retired priest who married us,
  4. This is going to be a long post so thank you in advance for reading it. My wifes ex has always been somewhere in the shadows. They did talk, I was always afraid this would happen. I was looking at old photos to make look nice for valentine's day, i saw that around 6 years ago, she started liking her exs posts. At the time she told me the truth, she had seen him, she said she felt i was distant. I was not in my right mind as it happened while I was having a mental break down. I was hurt, i felt that at the moment i needed her the most, she went to him, but a year later she t
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