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  1. I think that indeed is quite true, in that im reacting experiencing i supppose a kind of withdrawal after being dumped, giving it a month of perspective kinda sounds like a good idea.....was thinking on asking her out on a date next week which most likely isnt a great idea.
  2. As a side comment she does have a history for dating older men; her ex before she dated me was 48. Well i think im very attracted to her because she overall was very sweet to me during our relationship; i suffered a big accident/injury needing surgery when we started dating and she was with me the entire time while i recovered, giving me alot of support, im gratefull for the neutral advice, the odds dont seem in my favor......
  3. Wondering if i can get advice on my current situation. Id been dating a girl for 4 months, we had a pretty friendly good relationship overall even though we have a big age gap - she is 24 im 42. One month ago she told me i was a great guy but just didnt feal in love.....that she saw me as a great friend. One week latter we met to talk and kissed, afterwards she said she needed time to think and wasnt sure kissing had been a mistake, we met a couple days latter and insisted we should stay friends, also mentioning she was seeing somebody new. I iniciated no contact for 3 weeks kee
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