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  1. Ive been struggling with low self worth for a really long time now and lately it has been so paralyzing that i dont see myself being happy or successful ever in my life. I come from a very emotionally unstable/toxic enviroment. I only started to realize this a few years ago. Im 24 now, but ever since i was a child i remember my mom being very verbally (and sometimes physically) abusive towards me, my sister and my dad. He was abusive too, but i think mainly because my mom broke him down. She never hugged us, kissed us and there was never any praise or words like " i love you"(i think t
  2. Hey everyone, my dear friend is having a crisis and im trying to help her but im struggling to give her advice, mostly because im biased the situation: My friend and her long term boyfriend been living together for a few years. First time, they lived in the suburbs (near the main city). My friend had to travel for work to the city (1h drive) and to school to the neighbouring country (4h drive there by train), while her boyfriend had a job in the suburbs. This eventually became very tiring for her (also the travelling costed extra money which she was paying for herself). After mut
  3. im deleting and blocking everything rn, thank you for reassuring me reading everyting i wrote in retrospect i feel like a complete fool i know all of this already but somehow i always come up with an excuse for the situation and fall into that spiderweb of bull*** ... praying for myself to be strong this time
  4. thank you for a quick reply im going in circles indeed...he even addmited he is wasting my youth away once, but still everytime we break up, he pops up in my life again this last time i really thought i was strong enough but i got myself into that cycle again and there is no one else to blame but me...its feels sort of like an addiction that im fighting...i even feel guilty for talking to other people and moving on i was wondering if there is an overlap between bipolar and narcissistic personality disorder, i came across a term "hoovering" and i feel like this is exactly whats happen
  5. hey everyone! i really appreciate anyone who takes their precious time to read this mess! <3 i dont usually post personal problems on forums but im getting really confused with this one and i really need some feedback (btw sorry for any misspellings, english is not my 1st language) intro to the story : ive known my now ex boyfriend since 2014, it started out as "friends with benefits" kind of situation i was pretty young when we met(18, he was 26) didnt really knew what i wanted in life, never had a serious relationship before, so i kind of went with it, even though i gradual
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