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  1. My best friend dated him for like a week in middle school and hasn't gotten over it, and shes making my brother think he's a bad person. Which is immature because he changed quite a lot. He has pestered me, I consider him a good friend and I figure maybe if I give him a chance, things will change because that's how most people date such as online dating, blind dates, etc. And maybe if the date doesn't go well then I'll stop. I can tell he really likes me and he's told me several times. Should I give him him a chance and see where things go or no?
  2. This one guy I know is persistent; it's to the point where I'm thinking about going on a date with him. I've thought about dating him and he seems like great boyfriend material because first of all, I've known him for almost a year, he's decent looking, clearly cares about me, tries to see through my flaws, and he doesn't judge me. Well, I just can't see myself being in a relationship with anybody at the moment because my heart doesn't flutter and I don't blush around people like someone with a crush would do. I like him but I don't want to be romantically involved with anybody. Some reasons I
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