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  1. Just an update- I took the promotion and broke up with him. I was flying back from TN after looking for apartments, and I wanted to see him the night i got back. But he wanted to go to the casino to play poker instead and said I was a child for not understanding that he deserved to go because he worked 65 hours that week and earned the right to do what he wants with his money. He wanted me to come the next day. I ended it after that. It’s funny how he can afford to lose $700 at a casino but can’t pay $50 for my dinner. I appreciate your advice.
  2. Thanks so much for the response. Did your friends enjoy living in Memphis? I currently live in FL and like being by the beach so that’s something else I’m thinking about. My career is important to me though, and this position would give me the exposure to senior leadership in order to accelerate even quicker. It’s a for sure thing too. There is another promotion in FL I could take but it’s not a definite yes.
  3. I wasn’t sure where to post this so I’m posting it in both relationship advice and career forums. I recently received a really good promotion offer, however, it requires me to move 10 hours away from my boyfriend. I am so torn. I love him but I’m not sure how he would feel dating long distance. We currently live 2 hours apart but it’s a short drive so not that bad. I don’t know what to do. if I turn down the promotion I feel like it might hurt my career. Do I wait for something to open up closer to where my boyfriend lives or just make the move? I love him but have been questioning things abou
  4. He asked me to stay the night and stay with him the whole week but I also see your point. He spent two days with one of his buddies while I did my own thing and then one night went out to the casino while i stayed in. When he wants alone time, he tells me and I understand. When I want it, he will joke that it’s because I have another boyfriend or don’t love him (again with the passive aggressiveness).
  5. Thank you. I think you’re right. I brought it up to him in a non-confrontational way. He didn’t have much of a response. He just kinda looked at me and said “ok”. I woke up early the next day to leave to drive two hours back because I had to work and he didn’t even help me take my bags to my car. I had a suitcase, duffel bag and two backpacks. I understand it was 5 am but he didn’t have work and could just go back to bed. He didn’t even get up to give me a hug or kiss goodbye. He just muttered “I love you”. I was recently asked to apply for a promotion out of state and have been hesitant becau
  6. Thank you so much. Your responses were super helpful.
  7. And I never implied that he always pays but ok
  8. I appreciate the response. You’re right, I need to be more upfront so I don’t have any unmet expectations. When you say power struggle, what do you mean? I feel like if he wanted the “power” then his ego would be hurt by splitting the bill, ya know? I know he loves me, but I also don’t know if he knows how to love someone. He is pretty selfish.
  9. Thank you for the response. We are both career oriented and I said we roughly make the same but I do make more which could be a factor in it too. Although I don’t think it should be. As far as too routine- I definitely think it has. We usually spend every weekend/every other weekend together. Last week was a one-off since we both took vacation. He does like his alone time so I am trying to give him more space. He has a lot of baggage too that he hasn’t dealt with and honestly I think a lot of these issues stem from that.
  10. My boyfriend and I have been dating for one year. He recently got a new job in a city 2 hours away so we have been “long distance” for a few months now. Last week we both took vacation so I stayed with him. I asked him if he would plan a date for us for Friday (I am always the one who plans dates). He kept making jokes about it saying how I ask for too much. I told him it didn’t have to be expensive or fancy I just wanted to do something on the beach at sunset. He ended up picking this restaurant on the beach. The entire drive there he was in a bad mood and complaining about how far of a drive
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