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  1. @SooSad33 The list is long and strange. He kicks me out of the house about once a month on average... He ignores every single text and phone call I ever make to him. He calls me mean names and puts me down whenever he is in a mood. Blames me for literally every single wrong thing that ever happens... this list could go on and on. And not all the time... But enough of the time. We've been together for 4 years. He SAYS he does... But truly acts like he doesn't.
  2. We've all heard the 'actions speak louder than words'... And they do. We tend to remember how people made us feel, not so much what they said. In my case, my fiancé vocalizes his desire to be with me, get married, wants me here with him, all that jazz. But what he DOES... Speaks quite loudly to the contrary. Which do I believe? His actions or his words?
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