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  1. It's not about seeing other people (I have as well). It's about the fact that during the relationship, I would do everything I could to see her, even though my schedule was litterally dictated by the military, but she wouldn't ever do anything inconvenient to her schedule. For example, before I left the EU for that assignment, I had 4 hours of free time before I had to be on a C130 to fly out and she said she wanted to see me before. She wasn't willing to come out to the town I was in though so I had to go to hers. I went out, got the train tickets, and traveled an hour to her town... Only for
  2. Fair enough. Honestly, there's alot to type out so I didn't. I'll give some background and an update. So we met in March of 2019. I was an American Marine and came here for part of a joint military training exercise with the military out here. I was about to be permanently stationed in Germany after my time here (different EU/EEA country) and was planning on staying in the military for a full career. My paperwork for reenlistment got messed up during the deployment (I was doing an interservice transfer to the Army's 10th SFG) so I had to get out, but I still wanted to move to the S
  3. Should have worded it better. By coach, I meant lifestyle counselor. I do have alot going on professionally. I work in international sales for a medical equipment manufacturer right now. In addition to that, I do currency trading on the US and European markets and deal with several brokers..... Yeah, I have a lifestyle coach/counselor so I don't work myself to the grave😅 But since that is a stressor, we do talk about my ex sometimes.
  4. Any hope after 1 year and 2 months? We were a LDR (4,200 miles). Was in NC for the first 6 months then my coach said I needed to have intermittent contact. So every month or so after I would send a message. It would be short, polite conversations but didn't go anywhere. About 2 months ago I just stopped trying and went back into no contact mostly out of frustration and loss of hope. Now, as I said before, we were long distance. We met while I was temporarily oversees. I was planning to move permanently before we got together, but at the time, my job was temporary. I end
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