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  1. In our culture confessing that he cried is a big deal to be honest. Here there's this general belief that men aren't supposed to show any type of emotion, especially during times of death. Maybe I should have given some sort of context. During mourning it's generally expected that the women close to the deceased can express so much emotion, as terrible and prehistoric as that sounds. I just want to clarify that him confessing that he cried alone in his car is quite a big deal and I'm hurting for him💔 His dad was sick for a loooong time so I could say he had time to prepare but it's obvious he's heartbroken. We'll take it one day at a time.
  2. The boyfriend is okay now, I took your advice and cooled off, sending the occasional supportive message but generally let him deal with the situation, did this for 2 days. He called me today and he sounds okay I think, gave me a run down of the family drama at the funeral and how he's doing with his dads passing. I just kept quiet and let him go off for about an hour. He confessed that he cried a ton but at some point he realised that Dads time was up and that he'd lived quite a long life(80 years). I think my baby will be okay❤ You all were such a big help, thank so much❤❤❤
  3. I'm so tempted to break the lockdown rules and drive to him as quickly as possible but that would be putting so many people in danger. He insisted that it wasn't necessary for me to be there but now he's alone😭. He has his family yes but he sounded so hurt on the phone.
  4. I will try stop the double texting, it's probably frustrating. The boyfriend just called and unfortunately his 2 closest friends completely ghosted him. No calls or messages, nothing and they both live quite close to him. 1 of them was with him at the hospital when his dad passed away. To say the least he's gutted😭, he feels betrayed. Any advice on what to do?
  5. My boyfriend lost his father last night, he had been I'll with cancer for a long time so he was somewhat prepared but he's still heartbroken. I don't know what to say to him or do for him, especially right now since we're seperated because of the virus. I tend to ramble when I'm sad, I'll send paragraphs and random stuff to him throughout the day most of which he doesn't respond to. He's trying his best to call me 3 or 4 times during the day for updates about the funeral and how devastated he is😭. My question is is it normal for him to not respond to texts or messages during the grieving process, or am i just overthinking all of it. Please help, what can i say to ease his pain?
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