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  1. I love doing a lot of things on my own, its of my nature It's just at my age, sex (and companionship ofc) feels like a need. Not being appreciated in this manner takes a toll on my mental health. I rather not spend time thinking about it, and just doing my ***, but can't ignore it. And paradoxically, the more you need it - the harder u try - the less u get, bc it turns u into a needy person which ofc is very unattractive. Trying not to get feelings for any girl is a hassle lol mind you, on avg men have 3x the sex drive of women
  2. I agree, its okay to start late and all. IT just recently has become something that hurts to neglect "I know it's hard to be shy as a male because women just always expect guys to do all the chasing" -- well, I'm willing to change a little to get it, won't act out of myself, but definitely will have to be bolder "I'm 36 and I would love to look younger lol" This is where our differences come in.. Women look for older partners on average, and my age specifically, women aren't necessarily looking for partners yet, rather studying and having fun, so am not of much value for them
  3. guess that's why they say men age like wine ay
  4. I see. Well, this is my plan as of now, just focus on myself I've got career plans, hobbies, read lot, have what to talk about. Ik I'm a interesting person and able to talk w people despite being shy. Once I get involved people usually talk about stuff they don't trust other people to hear. Issue revolves around getting to know new people And secondly, women that'd see me sexually I just don't feel like neglecting that part of my life for so long, I Could - and did - a while ago, but now its just way stronger necessity than it ever was
  5. I'm male, 20y. In college, arranging to get a job - I have timid nature, very skinny and small frame - and look ~~4y+ young than my actual age Some might say that latter statement is a advantage, I suppose it will turn into it, but probably 10y from now. Actually, teenage girls are the ones to show interest - some of which are off-limits and don't get my attention From this, U might already guess that women my age (and slightly below too..) don't quite show interest. I've had a couple of opportunities here and there throughout my life, but never took it further t
  6. I honestly don't know of any men that watch porn for any reason other than masturbation.. He might have sex drive issues? Are there other problems in the relationship that would explain this behavior ? IDK how things work at the stage, I'm very young, so take it with a grain of salt
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