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  1. thank you so much for responding! Unfortunately it's a small school and we don't have any clubs(I live in Poland). Everyone knows each other and it's really hard to make new friends here. I can't move schools, as I'm in special international program. I will consider moving back then. thank you~
  2. I have to make a decision. Please can sm give my advice, I'm really hopeless right now. 3 months ago I moved to a different class, because my bff moved schools and there I had another close friend(which sometimes leaves me). I really regret it. I hate this new class so much. They're really fake and toxic. Should I return to the old one? This is my last chance, as they found a new student, so maybe I can switch. Why I'm hesitating is that in this old class there are new friend groups and I won't have this close friend as they are all in different groups. Believe me, there is no chance for. a ne
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