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  1. Hey everyone I am soo alone that I don't know what to do So i am in relationship and about to complete 2 year but past few months I get to know that my boyfriend's female best friend confess her feeling to him and now she do things which hurt me a lot but my boyfriend told me that he only loves me but I feel so bad and jealous whenever she text him or call him or make him feel special and she also friend of one of my closet friend and she keep asking her about me and my boyfriend and she tell this to my boyfriend ,also give hints to my boyfriend to break up with me and tell him th
  2. I'm 19 Mmm we fight a lot . He always takes my words at the wrong way and some time we don't talk to each other more than 2 days but in the end we solve it together. Apart from this everything is good we share everything with each other we never keep secrets Sorry for my english.
  3. Hey everyone so I am in relationship with this guy and about to complete 2 year we love each other so much that we can't live without each other but at starting of relationship whenever we kiss I feel like he is the one whose lips I want to kiss forever but now as we are about to complete 2 year I don't feel anything when we kiss Can anyone tell me what is the problem?
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