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  1. Hey and thank you for your reply! this is super interesting to me because i can definitely see how we would have a trauma bond. I personally have started therapy over the last couple of months which seems to be helping as i find communicating a lot easier, however my mother has never and doesn't have any plans to do so x
  2. Hello, So i am 24, my brother is 22 and we have a little sister from a different relationship who is 6. We all live at home with my mother and before you may wonder why i do still live at home at 24, my mother suffers with regular seizures. As much as i desire to move out i worry about the well being of my mother and also my little sister. The guilt of moving on with my life weighs on me terribly. Firstly, our father hasn't been in our lives for over 10 years. Me being the oldest i witnessed a lot of what happened (my father was abusive) and i tried my very best to shield my brother
  3. Hi All, firstly thank you for all of your responses. My account only allowed me a certain number of replies and so i have had to wait to be able to respond back. As a general update from where I left off, he was texting me yesterday afternoon/evening and then stopped responding. As hard as it is, i left the conversation there. He texted me this morning saying that he hopes i slept well and that he is at work. However as mentioned before he is not initiating a further conversation, just being very blunt and to the point with no further context. I differed on responding after reading all of
  4. Hi Andrina, I really appreciate you taking this stance and ill be honest to say i have gone over this in my head a few times to see if that was the case. I like to pride myself on being someone who also really likes there alone time so usually if i ever sense or know that he is busy i often tell him that space and taking his time is perfectly OK, he usually will tell me not to be silly and continues the conversation anyway. So i would really hate to think that he feels suffocated. You are right in saying he is not a great communicator, which he has told me previously and advised he h
  5. Thank you for this. I know its not worth it, at the moment i have kind of let it consume me. Should i just stop contacting him ect?
  6. Thank you for replying. I did think this also, but usually he seems just as infatuated, wants to talk all of the time and to be around me. Do you think that this is how he has always felt and this is an escape for him to express what he has truly wanted to say?
  7. Yeah your right. What he is doing is super cruel but its also made me think I'm an idiot for saying what i said, even though it was purely a joke. Its just crazy, hes like two different people.
  8. Thank you for taking the time to reply. This may be such a silly / naive thing to ask but when he is saying he doesnt care, does he really mean it? I realise this is a really unhealthy way of dealing with things, i just dont understand how we can get along so perfectly one moment and then he can act like this with me.
  9. Thank you for your reply, I did think this was a red flag. I feel really sad and hurt because we was fine on Monday until it happened, he really seemed like he cared.
  10. Hi, I will try to keep this short. I am 25 and he is 26. We have been dating/ seeing each other for 9 months. I have known him my entire life and we have been friends for over 10 years. He is and always has been a dream, we get along like a house on fire and in all honesty i am head over heels for him in love and he knows this. However over the past couple of months as we have grown significantly closer i have noticed that when he gets annoyed or frustrated at me, he will result to the silent treatment or will turn very cold. He has done this previously and has refused to speak
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