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  1. She is the one moving out, she cant afford to live on her own, and will be moving out in january to her mums. She says she is staying because she has made plans for xmas with her family here.
  2. I have agreed to go my sisters for xmas day so she can have xmas with her family as she had planned, and do have friends that i can talk to if needed, and i do find talking helps. I am struggling to not think of worse case scenerios, that she is talking to others etc, and hate seeing the person i love not want to feel the same way for me, and truly dont understand her current resentment for me. But with all that being said, i want the best for her and am trying to make it as easy as possible in terms of her xmas plans etc, and wont bring up our relationship again unless she does. Tha
  3. Right now i do want her back, but last time we were friends it was genuine and i honestly had given up hope that it would become anyyhing more. It took me by complete surprise when it changed to more than friends again. The point of my post either way, was about her response, and if dumpers really are ever concerned that if they stay friends, they will want to get back together. I just thought it was always the other way around. Like i said, no matter what i want, i intend on leaving her alone.
  4. Thank you, i am trying, it is incredibly hard and i will always probably love her to some extent, but i do respect her and have no intentions of pushing her. If she changes her mind and wants to be friends then amazing, but i know it has to be on her terms and not mine.
  5. I do plan on moving on. When we stayed friends the first time, she was adament we would not get back together, and i stayed friends believing this. Thats why i was taken aback by her not wanting to do the same this time, as if was her who pushed for the friendship the first time. Thanks for your response
  6. Thanks for your response. I do respect her decision, and have accepted we arr broken up, though it hurts. I am giving her space, and am not trying to convince her, overly seek her out to chat or otherwise put any pressure on her. I just think it was an odd response, and in someways wondered if this could be a genuine thing she thinks could happen, or other dumpers have worried about, that if they stayed friends, they could see it ending up with them getting back together.
  7. Hello all, My ex girlfriend recently split up with me claiming the usual lack of feelings. We currently still live together, but this last week she is cold, avoident and at times mad at me. I tried talking to her about this last night, said i understand it is horrible for the both of us, but this animosity surely cant be helping. I told her that the last time we split, we remained friends (we did, she came over once, maybe twice a week and we hung out, platonically, though we did get tohether again 7 months after that first split for a hear and 8months, untill last week) and that i d
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