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  1. I didn't come here to play anyone. It is a forum I came across and wanted to share my own issues.
  2. I know that when I first met him, he had a gf whose family was threatening him and saying they would put a hit out on him. They didnt want him with their daughter. I think he has allowed the wrong people in his life as to some of the people in my opinion messed with his head. He is very different know and he has shared that he thinks developed PTSD to some extent and if occurrences I guess trigger him, he then can become to me as I said more bizarre. He has said he thinks so black and white that its all or nothing. From his mother he has ADHD as the only mental disorder from a doctor. He just
  3. I am curious, what compelled you to seek therapy? Is this a forum you're hoping to seek a individual or a response in where you are related to or just asking if anyone has that traumatized background therefore somehow breeding the outcome of enjoying that abuse for arousal? I am not in any way judging but as I said, curious?
  4. Could my friend be nuts? He said he believed he was being gangstalked? What can I say besides it sounds absolutely bizzare first of all and hard to believe. He was offended and upset after I suppose my reaction wasnt understanding at all, but he was so sad the last time I seen him, I feel bad and like im wrong? What can I do.
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