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  1. I suppose. But for whatever reason i feel terribly bad. I think I've always been someone who acts too late. Or when the person has fully decided to give up i then realise what I've done or how ive pushed them away
  2. Hes been messaging me frequently and in an engaging way the last few days. Yesterday night he asked me how i am and how my days been at 9pm. And made a joke like I've got great senses ( as i had a good insight into how he is as a person etc).. I didnt message till this afternoon and said hi my day was good hows your weekend? He replied pretty quick.... Out of nowhere his tones totally changed and he's said hes finished work now. Anyway i dont want to take this any further goodbye. Its like he just came out of work and decided to message me that? He was proba
  3. Yeah fair enough. Hence im keeping my options open lol.
  4. Because i know why he said it. Cos of everything that happened before like him thinking i was using him as a texting buddy etc...but then when i asked him why...he was like what do you want from me..and then i explained how my intentions have always beenn legitimate ( because he didnt believe it before) to which he replied he always thought i just wanted to be messaging mindlessly..as in i was a timewaster. So i sort of am trying to change it for the better
  5. Because when we would talk back in the day he would ask me questions like that ALL the time. Also of people are going to invest their time into someone i dont see the problem in asking such questions. And he did reply. He asked me the same question back to me before answering...i said people want to get toknow me but its not mutual..i asked him and he said obviously people want to know him too. 😂 even though earlier he said he was busy with family and hadn't focused on dating. And i then asked anyone he would put a ring on He replied no. And asked me why i chose to speak to h
  6. Oh mann. I really dont like video calls as catfishy as that comes across to him. 🤦‍♀️. I hate how hes equating that with im automatically a catfish. Ive met up with people from the app before with just one or two simple photos and a phonecall..even just text messages
  7. Fair. I guess that sums it up and yes i did survive 😂😂. Well i want to turn the situation around and not have him view me with side eyes all the time. He clearly noticed i wasnt around as he kept bringing up how i went off the radar and basically had a go at me.
  8. Fair enough and i usually don't but given the context and all thats happened before i don't think hes uninterested....maybe more wary/untrusting thinking im not real etc etc. Because if you see all i replied to that was. You were fine a day ago.. and why is that...and then he asked what do you genuinely want (i.e what im looking for). Because he always assumed i was wasting his time before. N when i told him i was wanting to meet before lockdown happened but didnt get round to getting in contact etc...his tone changed.
  9. Thats far too judgemental. Actually you'll find now more than ever...people are on apps..ive seen more new people (men) joined up to the apps than i have in a long time
  10. Yes. My whole life I've dedicated to friends n work n everything else other than dating. And most of those female friends focus more on their other halves now. So actually im doing the same...focusing on the dating aspect of things. As disastrous as it may come across I don't really understand the assumptions made.
  11. i did contact him two days ago..finally Heres the conversation over two days.... it almost ended with him ending things completely but by some miracle i turned it around. I just need some advice on how to navigate my way round this and not sabotage things so this can potentially turn out well Me: i rematch on the app Me: hey how comes your profile names different i preferred the old one. (He changed his nicknames on the app) Him: which hole did you pop out from? Me: good question and what you been upto? Whats your relationship status at the moment? Him
  12. I wouldnt say unnecessarily stew. But perhaps calling him closer to the time when i may be able to meet him. Instead of call now and say may be in a few weeks time. As we're still under lockdown. And putting it all into perspective..its probably worse if he had met me and then rejected...as opposed to never having met. For now it would just be an opportunity missed. Nothing more
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