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  1. Up until this point I have no seeked any legal advice on behalf of child support for my child.
  2. I understand completely. I had my father in my life on and off but I knew of him and he’s trying to do better for his grandchildren. I just wanted the same if not better for my child. But, I have to find out how to contact someone in the child support office of my state during this COVID pandemic to even fully open the case.
  3. Yes, the other guy thinks it’s his son but he only saw my son twice and he likes to just boast to his friends that he’s his father. The only thing is he hasn’t even given a dollar or did anything for my son so he knowing his not the father is really no important cause he hasn’t done anything even if he was his father. Now the condom lol I REALLY REALLY didn’t know that he had it off. He must have slipped it off quickly during the act.
  4. Thank you for your feedback. I’m really loving how you all are giving me your opinion even if it’s good or bad. I agree with you saying that he must support his child. And you’re also right it doesn’t matter about us and our past. I’ve never imagined myself in a predicament like this so I’m trying to make the best of a bad situation. I have my family and my son’s god mother here with me who help me raise him. For 2 years of my son life he hasn’t wanted for anything the only thing lacking is his father.
  5. Thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate you all for taking the time to help me clear my head of this situation. I think my 20 plus year long friendship made me not want to put him on child support but I’m seeing that like his other three baby mamas I should fall in line as well and get it done. At least for my son sake!!!
  6. Yes I did know that they aren’t 100% fool proof but I didn’t think he wouldn’t use one after we spoke on not wanting any kids together. At first I didn’t want to put him or the other guy on child support but I’m seeing now that it’s wise to file a petition and let the courts handle the matter.
  7. Thank you so much for your feedback. I have not told the other guy that it wasnt his baby but that’s because the other guy didn’t do anything for my son at all. After finding out I was pregnant he instantly wanted me to get rid of him.
  8. Okay so let me begin at the beginning: About 4 years ago I reconnected with a childhood friend. I was already in a 8 years relationship that I believed was rocky but worth fixing. So, reconnecting with this friend was just that catching up with an old friend. He pushed to make it something more than what it was in the beginning. Of course like clockwork My rocky relationship was on the off again and I seemed comfort in my friend. Before diving into anything with the friend I stated boundaries that I wanted because I knew just like the off/ on again times we would be on again it was just a matter of how long this time. This time the off lasted a full year and the friend and I got pretty close sexually that is. He would come to my house often out of a month. Going into our 2nd year together my ex and I reconnected again and I decided to cut all ties with my friend also because he was a when things didn’t go his way. Well I was back with my ex for 3 months when we went off again which would be our final off/ on dance. Well, this off came in December which I again rebounded back to my friend. I was out of town for the holidays about to return to my home when the friend and I made plans for him to meet me at my door step as soon as my plane lands ( something he was used to doing even walked 3.5 miles to my house in both extreme heat and chilling winter weathers) and he was only too happy to oblige my request. Now here’s the juicy story: Whenever my friend and I would have sex he would take the protection with him to dispose of the material properly. During our year together we had unprotected sex once and we both agreed to no do again. He always knew I wanted to have kids but we both knew that our friendship and situationship also that fact that he has 3 kids by 3 different women made me not want any kids with him at all. Well during this December travels back home the friend met me on my door step and of course we had sex. We would see each 2 more times in December. By now My monthly was due to come on the 27th of December but it hadn’t appeared by December 31st. Nervously I confront my friend and ask him did we use protection? I couldn’t remember if I saw a wrapper or him dispose of the material like always. He assured me that we used protection and he even suggested that I should contact my ex whom I last slept with a month prior in November( 17). By 1/1 it was confirmed that my late period was due to the fact that I was indeed pregnant. I again returned to my friend and asked him if he was 100% sure he used protection. This would go on for a total of 9 months of him saying he did use protection and that the baby couldn’t be his. I assumed that my ex was the father even going as far as to give my son my ex name. When my baby turned 1.5 I decided to do a dna test because I couldn’t see my ex in my baby. Well low and behold the test came back positive that my son was my friend’s baby. How if you used protection? How if you assured me that you used protection? How if you assured me for 9 months that we used protection? I feel trapped in a situation that I never wanted for myself of my child. I’m now the 4th baby mother with the 4th son( he has all boys) of my friend who was a childhood friend of mine. Who’s best friend was my first love when we were kids who also took my virginity when we were younger!!! Now reading this we all messed up in this situation. Now I’m trying to co-parent with my friend but all he wants is to give me money for my son. He never physically saw my son in person at all and he only sent 90 dollars thus far. Now he’s accusing me of wanting a relationship with him. Which is a big lie.
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