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  1. No contact officially started today. I’ve been stupid and texted to check on her 3 times since the breakup. With the exception to her texting me earlier in the week to give me the doc dates. The first exam is in 2 weeks. I won’t try contact until that day. Easier said than done but I am doing it.
  2. My exwife could not have children. I’m in my late 40s. She asked me if I wanted to try. I want a child so bad that yes I’d take this even if it’s coparenting. That’s why this happened. It wasn’t planned but it wasn’t prevented on purpose.
  3. I have no doubts this is mine. If she broke it off because it’s not mine why would she still be contacting me to give me the doctors appointment dates and telling me anything at all? If she was trying to trick me into paying roe and raising someone else’s kid she would probably have been better or not breaking up with me. This woman is being painted to be a bad person here. She’s not.
  4. Exactly what I’m doing. It was just very hard to not let her know no matter what the outcome of “us”, we can successfully coparent and asking if there’s anything I can do. But all that’s been said so now I can just try to take my mind off of her and see what happens over the coming days months etc.
  5. I did ask her if she wanted to get married if she is pregnant and she said no 🤷🏻♂️ I’ve tried to do everything right.
  6. Oh I work full time. She doesn’t work anymore. She was caretaking first a woman who just passed away in October.
  7. I live alone in my own home. She now lives with her girlfriend who just left her husband. She has her daughter every other weekend due to her own custody issues. Before Covid believe it or not she asked me to move in with her since I’m there so often. I told her we would revisit that come January to see if we were still together. She also asked me if I would consider marrying Her one day since she knows I’ve had a bad marriage prior. She sent or pics of the kind of ring she likes. She knew none of this was happening anytime soon, but yes we talked about a future together.
  8. Prenatal exam is in 2 weeks. But regarding the abortion comment Abortion in Texas is legal. Furthermore, the father does not have to agree or consent to the operation for it to take place. This means that the mother can decide for herself whether or not to end a pregnancy.
  9. I joined an expectant fathers group on Facebook that I’m getting a tremendous amount of support from. Many are telling me their girlfriends or wives hated them for the first trimester at least too. But most are just preparing me for the the worst, which isn’t even the worst. It’s not so much her I want back. It I get the child I never thought I’d have out of this even just on weekends I’m ok with that. Child support isn’t scary to me. I’m financially stable. And thank you for not judging. We spent a lot of time in 5 months together because of Covid. We had the discussions about how she w
  10. She was afraid after reading the risks of being her age. I’m giving the space. That’s why my anxiety is through the roof. So many have told me this sounds like hormones mixed with alcohol and nicotine withdrawal. They say just don’t relax and wait. It’s easier said than done. I truly believe she loves me she just can’t stand me right now.
  11. We only dated about 5 months. It was fast. Everything was. She’s 39 and neither of us have been in another relationship in years. She has not been to her prenatal visit yet. That’s in 2 weeks. There was no fight. I just want it to be where I can talk to her about the pregnancy and be to help emotionally, physically and financially. She has a girlfriend living with her now so I’m not needed for around the house help. The space happened just days after our excitement of the positive test.
  12. My GF told me she thought she was pregnant and was very excited. We talked about baby names and were happy. Next day breaks up with me. A week later the test came back positive and was taken back then broke up with again, this time asking for space. My problem is this, this could be hormones I don’t know and that’s not what is important. What’s important to me is how do I give the space (texting annoys the hell out her now), when I want to know if she needs anything or how she’s feeling or talk about this life changing event. We did not even fight. I just don’t get this. I sent he
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