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  1. Surprise! My bf sent me a text last night that’s”he feels bad” he can’t help me with the cat and wishing me the best. Wonder where these good wishes came from. Maybe after we talked last night and I can barely converse because I’m so upset and tired with the cat.
  2. Post script. As it turns out my bf got covid a day before my daughter was visiting so there was no conflict in terms of them seeing each other or not. However my real nightmare began. My sister and brother in law also got covid and my brother in law is still in the hospital. During this time my daughter and finance were staying with me and my 17 year old cat went into heart failure. Turns out he has heart disease and maybe lung cancer. We were and are so distraught but keeping him comfortable on heart meds but our hearts are broken knowing he’s on borrowed time. Even though I haven
  3. So I approached my bf yesterday and said you know I was surprised by your response calling my daughter crazy when I mentioned she’s anxious meeting you again. His response was that he was sorry he used that word but he meant she was unrealistic in terms of deciding the wedding venue. Then he proceeded to tell me what to say to her justifying why it should be close to home given the pandemic etc. Instead of taking about his bad behavior last year when he met her we ended up talking about how I should explain things to my daughter in getting her convinced to have a scaled back wedding. He did sa
  4. I can’t keep them apart forever if he is part of my life. The bigger question is do I want to be with someone who can’t be somewhat understanding of my daughter who I know is anxious but she’s not crazy. I do love him very much and he does too but is this a deal breaker?
  5. So I said something to my boyfriend yesterday like I daughter is a little anxious about meeting you again since the only other time she met you last year did not go well( she felt he was critical and disrespectful since he critiqued our cat who she loves dearly and she said he was picking on her. She cried a little about it too). I was hoping for him to say that she has nothing to worry about course will get along. Instead, he said she is crazy. I didn’t know what to say exactly but I replied by saying well you know your relationship with my daughter is still important so we got to make it wo
  6. I’m definitely not being abused. He treats me very good and also my adult son who he sees on a regular basis.
  7. Thanks for your replies. I do admit I don’t stand up as I should to those that push me around. This happens with a few people in my life right now including one at work. I avoid conflict but the price is internal upset and stress. While I understand my daughters feeling a need to protect me and anxiety about it, I also need to take control of my life. Somehow I need to assure her that I can make good decisions and she need not track my every move. I also need to assure her that no matter who I’m with I’ll always have her as my priority. I don’t believe it’s an excuse for her behavior if sh
  8. My adult daughter tries to control my life and has been doing so since my husband (her father) passed away 9 years ago. I did go through a temporary rough patch after he passed but never lost control of my life except I lost a lot of weight and became dehydrated leaving me in the hospital a few times. She freaked out which I understand b/c I am her sole parent now. Once I started dating a few years after that, she became worse and constantly had to know about my dates. I dated someone on and off for about 6 yrs and she resented him so bad that I had to keep them separated most of the time. S
  9. I may not have provided enough detail. He can be too pushy too often. Sometimes it seems that unless I do it his way it’s wrong. This extends into cooking, buying certain food, using certain products which may not be organic enough and even the venue for my daughters wedding. He is adamant that I shouldn’t give her wedding in Chicago because it’s too dangerous etc. by the way he’s never been there. He also says my sisters and family wouldn’t want to go there and may be mugged. Instead I should tell my daughter I’m giving the wedding in our suburban home area. He even told me he’d not go if I s
  10. My boyfriend and I have been together for more than a year and deeply care for each other. But there’s one thing that was really consistent that comes up from time to time and that is he could be very controlling and opinionated even if sometimes it is hurtful or insensitive. I can give a lot of examples but I suppose we just happen to have a day is a good one. He really loves to golf the entire year even in the cold I was willing to learn it because it something we can do together. We didn’t go over the winter but then again this past spring when the golf course is opened in June
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