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  1. Thanks for the advice. Some was good and insightful. While others made me feel like the guilty party. Everyone is entitled to their opinion without knowing my whole life story or even knowing me to cast judgment
  2. He abandoned me before I had my child so he wasn’t there to sign the birth certificate
  3. Only ask twice and got the same reaction so I ended the conversation. I’m not sure if he wants kids with me. I don’t mention having kids with him because it seems he wants kids but he wants to b more stable prior. There’s a chance he might never want kids with me and have to be content with it
  4. I never ask or put any pressure to adopt my child. He bring it up in conversation. Then when I mention it, he react odd so I stopped discussing it.
  5. U r correct, very painful experience. I’m about to graduate nursing school and work as a lab technologist and my husband is a chemical engineer. My son is almost 4 yrs old. His birth father isn’t on the birth certificate but I do know some information of him
  6. Never demand that my husband adopt my child, it only came up in conversation, number one. Number two, i have tried to locate the father via parent locator /court each time unsuccessful.
  7. i have been using the court to do parent locator to get the other parent help responsible for child support however he keeps eluding or escaping the court. So if the second time if i attempt with the court and he eludes them again, unfortunately i would have to get a lawyer involved
  8. One, i have never demand him to adopt my child. We only talk about it in conversation. Two, i have tried to locate the father via the court system without a lawyer and was unsuccessful
  9. My son does see him as his dad because he's been raising him since he was 8 months old and calls my husband dad
  10. Hi, from a girl misunderstood, I have been married to my husband for 2 years and have a 3 year old son from a previous relationship. His birth father have been an absent father before my son was born and abandoned me pregnant. When my son was 8 months old, i met my current husband and he always treats my son as his child and help me with parenting. In the past he says he would adopt my son legally. However currently its been twice that he says he wont legally adopt my son however he would always be a male role model and be a father to him but he would always be seen as a step dad even if he
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