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  1. Guys he is driving me crazy, he is not sure , he said he don't want to let me feel sad again if it didn't work out, like really?? I told him to leave me alone , he is driving me ing crazy he say he still love me tho
  2. Making new activities , studying new stuff , work out.. stuff like that
  3. Hello guys again, who have been helping me with my previous thread and questions, I followed your advice and decided to let go of my ex bf and was working on myself , however yesterday he messaged me telling me he wants me back although he know he was selfish and don't deserve me , I told him maybe we can talk and meet in person, "we haven't seen each other since the breakup" , then I was shocked he told me at the same moment that maybe we should stay like we are and not get back together " meanwhile moment before he told me he wants me back" , I was heart broken again and didn't say anything things , he told me he was sorry , I stopped talking later at night he told me he was having problems and still wants to meet me ana talk ????
  4. If I want him back I will be asking for advice to get him back directly, he left me and I have done nothing wrong, so I care more about myself, even if he asked me back I'm not sure I will accept , I want to be normal with him with no feelings but him keep asking when will my break end make things harder so I ask for advice, so far I've got great help from you guys and different points of view.
  5. I won't block him because I still care about him even as a friend, but I just want time apart to heal , I'm still friend with most of my ex's and it cuz me no harm as I no longer have feelings , I really understand what you are trying to say and you are right , but blocking people I used to know just doesn't feel right for me
  6. Yea I thought about that once I agreed to stay friends, then I tell myself why would I struggle alone trying to get him back when he simply do nothing, and the breakup was not my fault , and I did nothing wrong , I'm just tired of trying hard and end up feeling this way , so I decided when I accepted friendship it's only friendship and I will not be looking for more.
  7. I totally agree with you, exs some time act selfish although they are the ones who dumped us.
  8. I'm glad you get over it, and thanks for your advice really appreciated. The problem here is that he offered that friendship thing ana I tried but just couldn't and was honest with him and told him I need space, however I find him keep asking when will the break end and putting me on pressure, I just don't understand why he maneged to end the relationship but still want me, and it's not that I'm just a good friend it's clear that he still have feelings but just don't want to commit, and I'm not okay with that, however I will remain no contact for now and try focus myself
  9. I totally agree with you it's really hard especially when he keeps asking when will that break end , I'm trying my best to act cool and work on myself
  10. Alright is there a way to delete account or thread?
  11. The situation every time is different, I'm not asking for different answers I was just wondering if any one who reads this have experienced this so I can learn from your experience
  12. You can not advice me if it bothers you I get it, it's not easy as you think , and I find no other place to talk to someone but here , anyway thanks guys this is the last time I will be posting and I wanted to delete the account but it doesn't seem to be possible , thanks for your time
  13. Ya that's what I was trying to do , after all your advice guys, I'm trying to work on myself however I was worried if I'm doing wrong decision by not accepting his friendship as we were best friends before we were together
  14. Hey guys again, if you remember my story , after my ex bf breakup with me he wanted to be friends , however I tried but find myself always thinking about him and told him I need space because I still have feelings , and went no contact few weeks passed and he reaches out and says he miss me and wondering when will my break end and we can be friends again , I told him I don't know as I was not yet ready and was responding really nice and told him if he feels okay and need to talk , but he was acting cold after I told him I'm still not okay to be friends , we ended conversation and i'm still no contact , so what should I do do I acted right? He haven't mentioned that he wanted me back, but wanted me close again.
  15. I told him clear that I need a break from that friendship thing, he agreed since I told him I was emotionally not stable , thanks guys for your advice ,and wish me luck
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