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  1. Yes, I have a therapist every two weeks plus I am taking two different meds for anxiety & concentration. I am not giving him access to me. I always try to see the good in people, but all he does is play non stop mind games and lies. Even if he were just a platonic friend, I still wouldn’t talk to him. I cut a female friend off a couple years ago because she was being super negative about everything and it was triggering me. With people like him, you have to just cut him from your life completely as he is who he is and will never ever change.
  2. thanks! I can’t stand the anxiety where my heart is racing and my thoughts so it’s why I would forgive him over and over again. I felt at the time, that dealing with him is less painful than anxiety. I was wrong. Dealing with him only makes my anxiety worse. He knows how to trigger me and it’s non stop mind games with him. Ignore messages intentionally, etc.
  3. Totally is. I did my research on it to make sure, and every single thing he did to me. Makes me wonder if his ex was really as crazy as he said or he drove her to it.
  4. Absolutely 👌🏻 I know what mistakes I’m NOT going to make next time. I am not getting any younger. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I really did try to see the best in him. He would do terrible things. Ditching me at a party, etc..and I always forgave him because he really knew what to say (manipulation) to keep me coming back. He knows about my fear of abandonment, anxiety which he made worse, low self esteem etc. He would do nice things here and there because it’s what kept me coming back. Nice people are nice all the time, not when it’s convenient.
  5. yes I get what your saying. Have to stop letting people disrespect me. He won’t get access this time. I had certain standards before I met him, he faked it so now it’s time to move on. He isn’t going to cut it.
  6. Oh I do have a journal..my therapist suggested it..
  7. Thanks your right, he isn’t. I was feeling super weak yesterday abs today was also super hard. But his silence has really confirmed for me that he don’t give a crap about me. He only reaches out when he’s bored, or it benefits his twisted ego...it’s hard but not giving in. I know I deserve more.
  8. Totally agree. I mean, it’s only day 2 so it’s still fresh and I get I need to ride the wave. We didn’t live together or have any real history, but he played too many mind games that had me questioning my sanity. I knew I was not imagining it, but he gaslighted me the entire time
  9. The anxiety is killing me. It took me too long to cut him off...I’m not a medical professional, but from past experience I know he’s narcissistic. I should have known better and cut him off from the beginning. He literally strung me along for over a year...killed my self esteem. During the pandemic, he was spending a lot of time with me which just made me feel closer to him. He made excuses as to why he never invites me to his promoter friends events which I expressed many times I want to go to. Well, I saw him post a story on IG and there was a girl there he seemed super friendly with, but sa
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