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  1. Thankyou all so much I really appreciate the great advice you all gave me, I'm glad I was imagining red flags, I have a lot to think about, thanks so much again xxx
  2. Hiya everyone I was looking for a safe place to ask for advice without getting laughed at. I'm 31 & never had a relationship until really recently. To explain I have had serious medical & psyc issues that meant I didn't even consider dating.l, I am also okay alone & relationship stuff scared me. But I got talking to a guy (who lives 2.5 hours away) & I've met him 3x over several weeks. Anyway I've had a few red flags one is hes mentioned marriage etc in the future like we've known each other for years not 1-2 months & that scares me a bit. And he got angry outa the blue via txt once saying I didnt care & it felt really nasty, but aside from that he's been nice, I'm just scared he's hiding a different side to him. It also doesn't make sense he likes me, I'm ugly & living on a benefit while he has a successful career (I'm 31 he's 33), it makes me wonder if he's desperate or just wants what he can get. I feel really stressed when messaging him & I wonder if this is a sign I'm not ready cuse it feels like a burden with all my other struggles (my mental health is still really bad) But aside from that I had another struggle (gonna sound dumb), but I feel like sleeping with someone is "bad", while I havnt before, I know if I did I would feel dirty & guilty (I don't know why cuse others don't seem to see it that way). I just don't know what to do, I'm scared if I walk away I'm losing something that could be great, we both have similar interests & he brings out my old ambitious self to have a career & get better etc. But I'm not sure if I'm supposed to feel so many feelings to run away & suspicion etc. Hope this makes sense, thanks in advance to anyone who has advice!
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