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  1. We have mentioned this, but she would prefer it all in Mauritius. She is from a very wealthy family grew up in houses with maids. Whereas I grew up in an council estate where my mum struggled to feed us all. She is not snobby and she doesn’t take money for granted, her family do not gift her everything like hand outs which is good. And even then they offered to pay for some of my family, to which they did not view as charity which was nice. She is the only daughter so she and her parents would be gutted to not be their on her wedding day
  2. The location is where her parents went on their honeymoon over 30 years ago, so it’s more sentimental to her. She has always left it as ‘if you’re happy to get married with you family, if not.. it’s up to you’
  3. Wiseman2, thank you for your reply. This isn’t an arranged marriage. And it actually works out much cheaper than getting married in the UK (where we are) the money we saved over was for 2 of my family members to get cover with flights and hotel. So financially it is the most suitable choice in regards to wedding budget. But it does mean some friends and family have to pay their own way. It’s not the most expensive, but it’s just at the point where children are becoming a factor
  4. Hey all, I am due to be marrying my beautiful fiancé in a couple of years. We originally had a place booked in, but my bride to be has always had her eyes on a wedding in Mauritius. Both of us liked the idea of this. So discussions begun, all her family said they would attend, our friends, and we looked into budgets. Now we spoke to my family, I am the youngest child, I haven’t seen my dad in my life so it’s just my mum and 3 siblings. My mum has had her health issues, and she has been informed she is not able to go to this wedding if it is abroad.. 1. She can’t get insurance, 2. She can’t get the medical treatment if she gets cancer again, 3. She could not afford it - however my partners parents offered to pay for 2 of my family members. My sister and brother are having children - 2 weeks apart. And when we are due to get married they will be just 1 or turning. So they have said no. My other sister said originally she would come, however her partner (whom myself and my fiancé don’t like anyway) is unable to come. So my sister has changed her mind. So this means none of my small family would be able to attend my wedding in Mauritius. Now what I need help with is what do I do.. my fiancé says it’s up to me. But no matter what I’m going to be the bad guy.. do I get married without my family and just my partners family and close friends and risk potential issues / resentment. Or do I say no to the location and upset my wife to be and ruin her perfect wedding? I need help please. It’s driving me insane, I’m becoming severely stressed, depressed and I’m starting to not want to get married at all. Thanks in advance #GroomGutSaysRun
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